Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frozen Fruity Goodness

So this layout has been laying on my scrapbook table at school for the past two weeks. I hadn't gotten time to do more, but today is my good friend's birthday so I decided to finish it quickly and do a quick blog for her and another good friend whose birthday was three days ago.
Life has been totally different since I have moved to Newark. I miss my engineering friends and counterparts that I always knew would be around if I ever needed them. Annie Kennedy and Sarah Dempsey are two awesome girls that you definitely want to be friends with. 
The last year of my undergraduate years, a Fruity Yogurt opened up on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick. It was a brilliant idea, good business concept was all I could think of. I think it was long Friday, and we wanted to get some fruity yogurt after our weekly tour for prospective students. 

The color theme had to be multi-colored because when I think of fruits, I think of all the different colors. I also pulled out my slice to make the letters. I haven't used my slice often enough; I do not have enough design cards either. Definitely, need to get more of them. 

Paper- Double Mates, Me & My Big Ideas, MM Mat stack
Stickers- Mrs. Grossman's Vellum Stickers, MM Chloe's Closet, DCWV quote stack
Embellishment- MM Chloe's closet Paper clips
Letters- Slice Basic's 3

Message to the Birthday Girls:
Happy Birthday to both of you! Thank you for always being awesome friends and the coolest people to hang out with. I enjoyed all the events and activities we did together. Like the quote, " All friends are priceless". I want you two to know you are priceless in my heart. Sorry I couldn't make it to the labor day weekend dinner. Hopefully I will see you two soon. Hope your Birthdays are/were fun. Miss you dearly!

Restaurant Week Part 1

"I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitly more important than what I can see."
- Duane Michals

Never have I been able to do restaurant week in NYC. This year I made up for it very quickly. I did not look up which restaurants are the "must go" to-s. I just picked the places at random. My decision on restaurant was based on if the name sounded cool and the picture on the site looked cool. That is how I picked my first one: Wall & Water.

Now trick question, where do you think the restaurant is located? It obviously wasn't a trick question. But I was not smart enough to think of it until I looked up how to get there. A friend of mine and I went for fun after work one evening. I did not need a reservation but I of course made one anyway. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous, the stairs wowed me the most. My friend, Chris Kanhai, is an arcitecture student so it was a field day for him.

As for the food, it was good. I never had articoke, so that was a first for me. Sort of odd in how it is eaten. The waiter brought me this super good drink that tasted like grapefruit. Unfortunately, I do not know what was in it; so I cannot have it reproduced until I return to Wall & Water. The kitchen was open right next to us which was super neat because we could watch them cook our dinner.

My layout was orginally drawn to have a street corner in it. Because it was at the intersection of Water Street and Wall Street, I wanted to place the picture as the building. The two border strips are to represent the streets. I even put the name of the street on the page with a dual purpose of being a title too. The picture of my friend and I is where the restaurant is located.

paper- S.E.I Juliette
Borders- White Blossom
letters- White Blossom

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feasting with Great Company

"A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters, and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely. "
- Pam Brown

Who saids, you cannot buy happiness. Buy me food, and it would make me happy. This summer, I spent a lot of my earnings on food. Thank goodness it was good food. If I had to pick one memoriable meal, I had already blogged about it: Eleven Madison Park.Company is particularly important to having a good meal. My god father loves to tell me that "It's just money." More importantly, is that he is in good company.

Once a week, my new suite-mate, Diana, and I would make ourselves a drink, munch on a snack and chat about how our week went. Although we spent a majority of the time together, we are learning so much more when it is just us two girls. It reminds me of what I did over the summer. Once every two weeks, two of my closest girlfriends and I would have a dinner. As busy as we all were, we spent time to catch up on life those few Wednesday evenings.

The pictures were taken at the first two dinners we had together. One was at a Greek Restaurant by 42nd, Dafani: Greek Taverna, and the other was at a Crepe place downtown on William Street, Crêpes du Nord. When I was making the layout, I knew how I wanted to place the pictures. My concern at the time was where to put the title. I like to split the title directly above and below the picture. The swirl is a border sticker, it was added to fill the page horizontally. The more I look at it,  the more it reminds me of the cord of a phone. I will pretend that was my reasoning behind it, it symbolizes chatting and catching up like the old days when we had corded phones and house lines.

Flowers- American Crafts Plastic Flowers
Paper- Prima Life Colors
Boarder- White Blossoms Glitter

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Start of Summer

"Every moment is an experience." - Jake Roberts

After having the first of my many 9 hour class days, all I want is summer to start over again. This summer's adventure kicked off with an amazing meal at Eleven Madison Park. As our graduation present, My Godfather treated Grams and I to a wonderful meal. From the outside you cannot tell it is a gorgeous restaurant on the inside. Service was attentive and accomadating to most of our whims. Food was being served to us constantly.

In this layout, I wanted rows with different lengths across the page. Unintentionally, the rows of pictures are all came out to be the same length. Originally, the 12x12 was a different patterned paper, but the letters on the squares blended into the background. So I decided to pick a bolder color to bring out the pictures and letters. The space looked empty to the right. I added glitter swirls; but I will admit that it did not look as good. The squares on the swirls were made with a square stamp with the glitter. Then over the square I stamped a copper colored flower on top. Learned my lesson: do not do things freehand.

Paper- DCWV luxury stack
Glitter- Reminisce Glitter Factory
Letter- Suze Weinberg Glitz Sticker Sequins

Friday, September 10, 2010

Unproductive Academic Day

When I decided to take today off, I unknowingly named it improperly. What in the world is an "unproductive academic day"? Obviously, it is going to be unproductive. But how can it be an academic day? I really meant to establish today to be a scrapbooking day. Although, I do have about fifteen chapters of everything to read, a resume to create and tons of homework that needs to be done.

But instead I decided to make a classmate who lives across the hall a banner for his birthday today. So Happy Birthday Brian! Hopefully by the end of today, I will have made more than just a banner. Maybe I will have some new layouts to post this week. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Being Happy

Sometimes, it takes many repetitive conversations for a person to understand and realize how lost they are. About a month ago, I had a big wake up call. Within the span of one evening, four separate conversations with four people, I was reminded what I hadn't been doing the last few months, possibly the last four years. Each friend shared wisdom that slowly brought me back to my reality.

One: I use to pass a billboard on the way home on the west side highway, it states that "Closeness has nothing to do with distance." My true friends will always be there for me regardless how far they physically are.
Two: Why think about things you cannot control?  It does not matter anymore and should not matter.
Three: Don't let anyone define who you are. You are an individual with your own thoughts, wants and needs.
Four: We are happier, we make each other laugh more than they make each other laugh.

Everything except four may be true, but it did put a smile on my face and that's all that matters: Being Happy.

One of those rainy weekends, I was at the apartment by myself. I sat outside on the balcony as it poured; feeling a little bit gloomy myself; I just sat there listening to the rain. Must appreciate everything I have been blessed with and be happy with the path I have chosen.  Because I believe that someday I will know that I made all the right choices to find my happiness. But I will always treasure the simpler and sweeter moments, like seeing a double rainbow as soon as the clouds pass and the sun rays push the stormy clouds aside.

I sketched this layout on a post-it. The outcome is close to how I imagined it would be. I was thrilled when I found that I had patterned paper with the sun in the corner and the rays were spread out throughout the sheet. Splitting the page diagonally looks cooler than dividing it horizontally or vertically. Putting my rainbow pictures in the middle is like merging the sun and the rain together. They are pretty and they make me happy; I am wishing for rainbows.

Patterned Paper- My Mind's Eye - Everyday Tango
Letters - Studio 112
Glitter- Poly Mark

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Indecisiveness

"Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Orientation was two weeks ago; they started to introduce the different concentrations for the MBA program. I had walked in knowing I wanted to do Marketing and Management. This is very similar to how I approached my undergraduate degree, where I walked into engineering setting my eyes on Civil Engineering. I never gave the chance to any other discipline. This time around, I have decided to try a bit of everything. I love most of the concentrations offered here at Rutgers, I even told my suite mate that I might want to do four concentrations. Sounds crazy, but I just cannot decide which two I really want to do. But I know I want to learn as much as I can, regardless of my selected concentrations.

Like the title of this layout, my friend and I spent a good twenty to thirty minutes picking the type, style and color of the sweatshirt we were buying for our friend for his birthday. As you can tell, we did decided on the dark blue. More importantly, was that he liked it. I made this layout to do something that was not an event. I usually scrap special days. I am going to try to do a little more of adjective-type layouts. Sindhu and I had purposely posed for the pictures to look like we were thinking. Usually I just scrap pictures I take at random. However, I thought it would be fun to scrap the effort we put into choosing the present. 

Ribbon- MarKcella
Flowers - Prima
Letters - Studio 112

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meeting Him

"I might have to wait, I'll never give up
I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck
Wherever you are, whenever it's right
You'll come out of nowhere and into my life" – Michael Buble

I have been waiting for Him to come into my life, but it has not happen yet. Instead, I will go meet everyone else for the time being. This summer's experience has allowed me to meet people I would have never met and to grow closer to people I was never really close to. Never would have thought that I would meet the Mayor of New York City. All I did was say "Hello" and shake his hand. Nothing spectacular. Gracie Mansion is located on the East side; it is quite a long walk to get free food and alcohol, I would say. Nonetheless, I appreciate and commend the Mayor for standing there to shake our hands and to take pictures with us.
We received formal invitations to the barbecue that the Mayor's staff had put together for all the interns of the city's agencies. Of course I took a picture with my fellows interns from DDC. This layout is very organized because I always have too much that I want to put on the page, but I can't fit it all. I found embellishments in my supplies that were super cute. They matched the barbecue theme perfectly. I also grabbed a bumper sticker that they were passing out at the party and made them embellishments too. 
Pattern Paper - MM Mat Stack
Embellishments - MM Flocked Die Cuts Summer Fun
Letters - MM Alpha Letters