Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercising My Right Today

Today is a day to remember. I, Mandy Szeto, have voted for her very first time. No, I did not just turn eighteen. I have had this ability for awhile. But I chose not to because politics just 'weren't my thing'. It still isn't. However, this election did look extremely important- so woke up before 6 a.m. got ready and went to the polls as early as possible before heading to work. Making my selection was easy; I pressed a few buttons and submitted my vote. I hope you did too.

Moving on...

I rarely make a double page layout. On occasion I would if the right pictures present themselves. The way I make a double page layout is to have similar pattern paper if I cannot use the same one. Then I have strips of  the same paper on both pages to share borders or elements. The frames worked well to add emphasis on the pictures and dimension to the page. For a very long time, I had held on to these embellishments about love and wedding events. I am glad I was able to use them on this project.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello, New Jersey!

I am home! As unplanned as it was, I did have a week's worth of vacation by accident thanks to Sandy. It was really nice to spend more than two days in a row with Martin in North Carolina. I was able to meet more of his co-workers at a social event his department was having. Tomorrow is back to reality and this  blog will once again take the back seat. Hope those of you still recovering from this unfriendly are hanging in there. 

Moving on, I try to  do something different every time I make a page. I am not much of a technique kind of a person. Most of the time, I enjoy surrounding the photos with pretty embellishments. That is the fun aspect for me in scrapbooking. Lots of people are extremely intense with this hobby. For them, techniques are a big deal. 

My big button heart probably is not a technique, but I like how it was a new idea to create a shape with the buttons. I have gotten the myself a silhouette cameo, but I haven't had a chance to take it out to use. I could have cut out a massive heart with paper. The buttons give it more dimension. I thought the big yellow button was really neat as well, it came in a mystery box. I did not find a good home for it until this layout. 

Friday, November 2, 2012


I am in disbelief that I am still in North Carolina. It will be one entire week by tonight around 11:30 pm. That is when I landed last week to visit Martin for the weekend. Funny enough, I am coming down again next weekend. I will be home for a little more than 5 days and then I will be flying again. Other than that, I have been able to reach my parents- thank goodness. Everyone I know is okay. Hope you are not in this terrible mess left by Sandy, and if you are stay safe and stay 'Jersey Strong'.

On to another layout,

On most occasions, I have a title for my pages. But every now and then I would create something and cannot think of a good title for. Below is one of them. I love the circles and the flow of the photos and embellishments. I did not want to color up the pretty design on the pattern paper. Along with badges, plastic buttons and foam circles,  I used two rub-ons on this layout as well. It was a nice soft touch to add a little bit of writing. There was a sort of mixed materials on this page. The commonality was their circular shape.