Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vacation Stress

You would think after graduating and being that it's summer, we should have nothing to stress about. It is all a myth. Everyone has been kind and supportive by saying that everything will work itself out. Even with two full days  of retail therapy and a gigantic hole in my wallet, it has not sooth the stress from the pass few weeks. I know I will miss all this free time that I have now when I start working in a week. But I am definitely super excited to get out and maybe learn a little more about myself and what I want in life.

During my last semester, I went to visit Grams in New York and stayed out with her for a few days. I spent most of the day by myself while she was at work. Walking around and down streets without a plan was some what adventurous. I took snap shots of things that caught my eye. I decided to resize them and put a bunch on a 4x6 canvas. I love photoshop! Still learning how to use the darn thing, but it feels so good when I understand what I am doing with the program. I love how they are little tiles and it lets me put so many pictures on a simple photo print.

Paper- Me & My Big Ideas
Clears- Making Memories- Clear creations- travel
Ribbon - Target
Stickers - K & Company- k-ology, alphabets

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Fun Day in the City

I am going to the circus! Yay! Never been; so it is going to be " a fun day in the city". Though I have been doing lots of city visiting this last semester. The layout above is of one of those days. Sindhu and I went to the NYC for different reasons, but we were there the same day so we decided to go together and to hang out in the morning since our events didn't start until the afternoon.

She had never been to Rockefeller Center before, so we decided to make a stop there. Then we also had to go to Columbia University. Our plan was to buy a sweatshirt for our good friend for his birthday.  But we were also meeting up with him later that day, so we had to be sneaky about it and not tell him we were going to his school. That's why I didn't post this layout until now to not ruin the surprise. I made this layout for Sindhu for her birthday. I really like the white border on photos, so I actually made them myself for these pictures. It ended up looking like windows.

Paper- My Minds Eye- Everyday Tango, Me & My Big Ideas
Letters- Stickopotamus
Flowers- Prima- Calypso Tin
Ribbon- Bobbin Ribbon
Metal Word- Making Memories

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old Friends, New Memories

It is going to be one super fun summer; or so I hope. I am going to be in New York City more often. To catch up with old friends in New York City is now going to be easier. I always found it difficult and expensive to go to New York. So when I went two summers ago, I decided to stay out for a weekend. It was nice to see people that I haven't seen in years. At the time, I really needed to just get away from everyone and everything. It was quite a memorable couple of days. I hope this summer I will be able to meet up with more friends that  I haven't seen in years. 

These pictures were taken at Coney Island in the Ferris Wheel. If I remember correctly, it was before it closed down. I hate roller coasters and they kind of guilted me into going on the Cyclone. I remember that I was crying after the ride was over; actually I will admit I started before the ride even moved. But I hadn't seen Herman, Jeanne, Cynthia, and Edward since I 'graduated' Chinese school; so I didn't want to ruin the fun. 

Background - Doodlebug Design Inc.
Paper- Making Memories, My Minds Eye
Buttons- Sticko
Stickers- Sticko
flock die cut- Making Memories
clears- Making Memories

Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Time

I haven't blogged in a while, because of finals and graduation preparation. So graduation was earlier this week and my gosh has time flew by. My graduation festivities are mostly over and I am sitting at home waiting for the next thing in my life to happen. Summer is already here and it really doesn't feel like it. I think back to the high school summers that I had four years ago. The day that school let out, everyone let loose: no school, no homework; but I really cannot remember what else we looked forward to. I rarely ever went to the beach.

I really like this layout, since it is my first fun beach visit layout. Hopefully it will not be my last visit. I had popsicle sticks that were different colors. They reminded my of the fences that line the beach. So I lined them up to get the same feeling. The beach reminds me of the colorful clothing people wear during the summer.

I am super excited about this summer. I printed all my graduation pictures today and I am dying to start make pages of the my last semester of college. Hopefully, I will start soon. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sister's Day

Happy Birthday Sharon!
I know it must be tiring for my readers to see so many birthday posts. But I have too many special people that have been there for me for years. Last year, My Godsister and I went to Paris together; the picture is of us at the Louvre and the many glass pyramids. It  was such a great experience and I am so glad that I went. This page is some what bare only because it is one of the many pages I created for our Paris Trip. I have made four complete scrapbooks of the trip. 

The theme of the page was Friends, because that is what Sharon and I were friends first. Then she was just a great friends that I knew I wanted her to part of my life for the long term. I loved how the ribbon colors worked well together. I think it was one of my very first pages where I had flowers and ribbon together. At the time, I hadn't developed an addiction to flowers yet. Those little white ones are from a kit I had bought way in the beginning of my scrapbooking days. 

I actually do not have a list of the materials I used but I think I remember so I will list what I can.

Paper: My Minds Eye- Everyday Tango
Pattern Sheets - DCWV 6x6 stack
Ribbon - Target Dollar Baskets