Monday, March 28, 2011

Non-Stop Craziness

Since I have gotten home from Florida from Spring Break, it has been just work, work and more work. I haven't stop and haven't slept at a good hour last week. Last week, I had decided after I returned to the apartment from school, I would not be productive. Instead, I had created Stephanie's Birthday Card.

Steph's Birthday Card

By Heidi Sonboul
from: American Crafts Blog
I scrap-lifted from Heidi Sonboul. See the similarities? 

Today, I have decided to have another one of those days. I think I need it; I am so stressed.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling the Wind in My Hair

March 16, 2011

On our last full day in Miami, Martin and I decided to take advantage of the sun. I really wanted to finish my tan. We organized a beach morning/afternoon with Hernan on South Beach. We did not anticipate Hernan meeting us exactly at 11am, so Martin and I took our time.
Gorgeous Blue Ocean

Sand Castle #2

Fun in the Sun
Another six hours of sunbathing, we were ready to go explore the outskirts of Miami. Hernan had rented a car for the week and we hopped in. Coral Gables and Little Havana took up the reminder of our day. It was fun riding with the roof down and the wind blowing my hair. we arrived at the Venetian Pool. Just our luck. Then we went to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Of course that was closed too. So after viewing all the pretty houses in the area, we headed to Little Havana for some dinner. I am not so sure if what I had was Cuban food, but I will say that I ate it in Little Havana.

Cruising through the Streets of Miami
Speeding down the Highway

Venetian Pool 

Dinner in Little Havana
Now that we are back from vacation, it has been non-stop work. Today classes start again and Martin and I have a presentation in Supply Chain Management Strategies. This is exactly what I was looking forward to more work...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the Wild Everglades

March 15, 2011
There were a good number of RBS MBA candidates in Miami this week. Nicole and I were actually on the same flight to Miami. I had bumped into her as we collected our luggage from the carousal. Another classmate of ours wanted to get together. Martin and I planned a trip out to the Everglades that day; we told Hernan to join us. The three of us saw crocodiles and learned a little about the Everglades. Again I will let the pictures do the showing of the fun day we had. 

Martin and I on the Airboat

Our tour guide

Snakes were so close to me

I wanted to drive

I forgot what this was called

First Sighting of Wildlife

The guy said to get out so I got out :P

Yellow Group Number 18

This guy had a very interesting voice

Crocodile Wrestling

Larry and Me

Martin was too scared to hold a real one, so he held  a stuffed crocodile

Hernan and Martin

Martin and Me

Group Picture

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soaking in the Sun

March 14, 2011

To avoid over tanning and sun exposure, Martin and I decided to go to Downtown Miami in the morning. We were able to purchase stamps for the postcards that we needed to send to our friends. In the end, we concluded there is not too much in Downtown. After walking for awhile, we found a cute spot outside the Ziff Ballet Opera House to have our lunch.

We bought a beach umbrella to protect Martin from burning in the sun. Not only did we buy an umbrella, I also bought instruments to build a sand castle. I will let the pictures tell about the rest of our day.


Martin and Me

Hard at work on my castle

Inner Castle

Sand Castle #1

Some guys were very artistic and created this not too far from us.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sun is Hiding in... Miami Beach!

I have been deprived of the internet badly these past few days. The reminiscing of the horrendous hotel is not even worth mentioning in another sentence. So I shall talk about how wonderful the rest of my first proper spring break was. In the beginning, I wanted to blog like I usually would for a trip like this; unfortunately, I had limited internet access. I could not keep up with my emails, facebook or even reader with everyone else’s blog. When I returned home yesterday evening I had 90ish emails, 276 unread blog entries and a few facebook updates. The days passed by faster than I thought they would. Depending on my typing mood, the next few blog entries will entail the details of the trip.

March 13th, 2011

Martin and I had to get up early at 4am to catch our flight at 6:45 am at Newark International Airport. After Martin showered and I started to get ready, he checked his clocks and asked me “Hunnie, why did you wake me up an hour earlier then we needed to?” At this point, I felt horrible, but we couldn’t immediately explain why my phone went off and his alarm clock did not. Little did we know, it just so happened to be Daylight Savings or how I called it “Saylight Davings”.

We were super lucky that I set an alarm that knew to automatically changes on its own. If we waited until Martin’s alarm to go off, we would either have missed or been rushing to the airport. The flight was smooth and quick. Of course the first thing we realized and were looking forward to was the weather. It was gorgeous in Miami. The palm trees and warm weather was extremely welcoming from the cold New Jersey weather.

Palm Trees
We dropped off the luggage at the hotel and headed into town. With no plans or any knowledge of the area, we landed ourselves at the Lincoln Road Mall. It was an outdoor strip mall with stores and restaurants. Since it was Sunday, there was a street market along the Lincoln Road Mall area. Martin and I grabbed some lunch at Finnegan’s 2 and walked around the mall for a bit until we were tired. I was super good the entire time; I did not buy a single thing, even when I saw an Anthropologie. (I swear they find me; I never go looking for them.) Of course Martin’s idea of a vacation included visiting the Apple store to check out the new Ipad 2. After an early morning and extensive walking through out Miami Beach, we returned to the hotel to rest up for a fun day at the beach the next day.

Weekend Street Market
Cupcakes... yummy and adorable.
They follow me.. I swear
He wants one... oh dear...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commitment is a Challenge

I have never been a big person into the Christianity religion. But I saw today that Lent is tomorrow. I do not understand the this practice, but I do know you are suppose to commit to giving up something. So I decided that I will try it out this year and give up my guilty pleasure for Lent. The idea of not spend any money is actually near impossible. Instead, I selected two general groups that I spend way too much on: clothes and scrapbook supplies. So from now and until April 23rd, I am giving up spending money on clothes and craft supplies for Lent. I will commit myself the next 46 days to complete this challenge. Wish me luck!

On to my layout....

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. ~Barbara Bush

I received news from my Mom recently that my Cousin Carmen is pregnant. The family is growing so quickly. Like I mentioned, all my cousins are getting married. Some even have children already. I can recall days that my Cousin Carmen was in high school and we would just talk about boys. Now she is a lawyer, married and going to have a baby. 

This is a very very very old layout. So old that the picture is also about 5 years old. In the picture is Baby Justin, who is definitely no longer a baby. He was one or so when we took that picture  back in 2006. My family and I went to California to visit family. But I remember around when I made it. The biggest hint is the amount of punch outs I used in the layout. I went to Michaels and Amazing Savings around the similar time and went crazy buying punch outs. I love the little-foot punch out to give an image of the baby's little feet . The stars are from patterned paper; I was able to find a star punch out and used the punch on the pattern sheet to punch out the stars the paper already had on it. As for the flowers, I found an idea to make flowers from a heart punch out. I was able to group the hearts together to create a multi-petal flower. The layout is so old that I do not know what I used in it. Hope ya'll forgive me. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

{Travel} Trails

Crop Chocolate's next assignment was to do something on {travel}. It is just my luck, because I took so many pictures this past winter, of course I took advantage of the opportunity to start my album for it. My page one to the start of the winter vacation album is shown above. When I was on the plane, it had the option to select flight status on my screen. I occasionally checked to see how many miles I had flown and how much longer I would be in the air. That is how I got the shot of the plane over the Atlantic Ocean. My nervousness also took place when I had to catch my connection flight at London Heathrow. The second picture is the boarding signing for my flight to Frankfurt. If you cannot tell already, I like having a trail of anything. The buttons are like a path that I took to get from one place to another. I cut the pictures  into circle shape to match the circular buttons. Majority of the kits were stickers of stamps or cut out of stamps. So I tried the clutter method, and overloaded on the layout with all the stamps in the kit. I guess  Making Memories like the 'stamps' theme to its kits. I am scared of the pins because I anticipate poking myself with them. But the kits has these cute little flags. They were a great addition to the layout to add dimension.

Making Memories Passport Kit
Making Memories Panorama Box

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Old Days

Layers...Layers... then Clutter! Sometimes I compare my layouts to ones I see on other blogger's sites. Not only do they or may they have a higher disposable income, they add a layer, after layer, after layer to things on the page. Sometimes, it may look cluttered. But for some reason, they always look great! I do not know why I am so stingy with my materials. It may be because I definitely do not have a disposable income to spend and purchase loads of materials. But I think I just need to be more daring and experiment more with my materials. I save every scrap so I just do not like building up a pile of materials that I have a really hard time using and incorporating into new layouts.

For the my senior year in undergrad, I had joined the Engineering Ambassadors. We were tour guides for prospective students every Friday afternoon. Students from various engineering majors would represent each departments. It would only make sense for me to represent Civil Engineering. I miss doing it every Friday with the bunch. The picture was taken at one of the last tours we did for my last semester of my senior year. I recently visited the Deans and Kendra at the school. I even tried to stop by on a Friday to see if any of the old tour guides were still tour guides. I only saw Sean and Musie, but that was enough. I was able to see Dean Rankin and Dean Bernath and I was able to update them on my schooling. I cannot believe another half of a semester has come and gone. It is already March.

I love polka dots. You can see the reoccurring theme with the circle cut outs that I used to bring out the Title and the quote "A true friend fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty". I was going through  tough time the last semester of undergrad. When I had something to do everyday with friends and knowing that I have Friday tours with great people, it kept me busy. I had also used the clear "Best of times" and used the same technique in attaching it with brad as I did in the Missing You entry.

As some may have noticed, at times there will be a list at the end of my entry naming all the products I used for the layout. Sometimes I do not. At the start of my blog entries I did not list them, eventually I realized I would want to know what some people use. So I started, but sometimes I forget to write down after I complete a layout. This time, I do not have a list because I lost or accidentally threw away the stack of note cards I wrote on listing what is in this layout and many layouts to come. Woops, sorry folks!