Saturday, May 23, 2009

42 blocks

Yes we walked forty two blocks. It was a crazy idea but we did it. I think it was probably really painful too. Grams and I wanted to go shopping in the city and we dragged Kevin and Dave along for the day. They were amazing. It was such a long day, but truly memorable. We got out of the train station at Union Square and shopped and walked all the way to Central Park. By the time we got to Port Authority to catch a bus home we were all exhausted that we had to sit and wait for the bus to arrive at the station.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So many things happened during the summer after our senior year. This was one of the last nights together before everyone went off to college. Most of us had to take a step towards moving on. It was difficult for many. But we always had each other. It was a single's night so I bought a pint of cream for each person to be depress with. Instead it turned out to be a good night. A night filled with good memories and good friends. We were playing life, and that is what we are all embarking on now. It was so funny how it foreshadowed the days that were ahead of us. To have a job, to have kids, to have an income and a home seemed so far. Or so it not seems now.