Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Physics equals pain

Oh this class was painful. I do not know how I made it out of the class alive. I think I failed the final. The ratio of girls to guys was like 1 to 5. Not only did I not do well in the class, I did not do well on the AP exam. There were so many study groups and study sessions. The session at my house was the worst. I was so embarassed about how horrible my session was. My lights barely worked and there were like 13 classmates in my house. We all ended up falling asleep on the floor of my living room. I think we were still studying at 1am to 2am in the morning. WE WERE JUST IN HIGH SCHOOL! I swear we were insane. The usual Dave, Inhwan , Grams and me went to Barnes and Noble a lot. I do not think I learned anything in that class. All I can remember is Charanis saying " the truth of the matter is...." and he loved to make fun of our former President Bush, because he went to Yale with him. 

Now that I look back, I do not know why I am studying to be an engineering. I flunked my high school Physics AP class, but I aced all my College Physics classes. I surprised myself. I still remember going back to visit after my first year. Charanis actually heard that I was doing well in physics. I felt proud. 

And yes that is actually my physics homework as the background sheet. I dug it up from the huge pile of random physics notes. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Ten Years!

Like I mentioned in my previous post. Most of my high school friends and I met in middle school. So this is a dedication to all those awesome friends that I have known for so long. I miss you guys so much . 

I still remember the days when we stay after school everyday. Supposedly we were working on the yearbook or doing some random thing. But we all would be running off to Burger King, KFC, or the pizza place by Toys 'r us. We played so many frisbee games. Oh the good old days, when we did not have anything to worry about. We weren't worried about jobs, money and the future.
We were always waiting for someone to come get us. I still remember parents taking turns to drive the ten of us home. Mostly it was my mom and Dave's Dad. It was like a crazy bus system. Why couldn't we all live by each other? For thoses the just got dropped off, it took forever to get home because all of us lived everywhere. My mother was so good at remembering where everyone lived. How could she not, she did it so many times.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Barnes and Nobles

I love the simplicity of the page. I was so inexperience at printing on vellum. Vellum is such an awesome material. If you read it, you will notice I spelt Barnes and Noble as Barnes and Nobles. It always drove Grams nuts whenever someone added the 's' at the end of Noble. So I purposedly did on the page. I do not know if Grams ever noticed, she probably did. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new beginning

I remember looking for Stephanie and Grams that day to take a picture with them. I found Grams earlier and got a shot with her. I made a page for her in her scrapbook too. 
I remember being really upset that I did not catch one with Steph. Of all the people, Steph was the most important. I am still upset about how I couldn't get a picture with her. When I saw Kevin and then bumped into Eric, I was searching everywhere for Grams. The Green layout is definitely one of my favorites. I do not remember where I got the idea from, but where/whoever is it from thank you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Midnight Breakfast

Our last high school band concert. It was our senior year and the last band concert for all the seniors. I had to make it to see Grams' last performance. It was really nice to go out with Kevin and Eric afterwards. I am trying to remember how I got away with staying out so late. I can still remember how hard it was to convince our parents to let us stay out late. Well, at least personally my parents gave me a hard time about being out late at night. I know they were just being parents and were concerned about my safety. But I was never far. This IHOP was right around the corner for our high school. 

I remember that summer before college, the four of us hung out a lot. I still have a lot of pictures from summer barbeques and activities. Oh, if only we can revisit some of those memories. I miss you guys!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The beginnings...

I love to make scrapbooks. Weird thing is I love to make scrapbooks for other people. I haven't made a really good scrapbook for myself yet. This is the first page of the scrapbook that I made for my best friend. Three years ago we had to head off to college and of course she went the furthest; she went all the way to Philadelphia. I was so scared she will forget about me, so I decided to make her a scrapbook of our memories. There were some pretty hideous pictures of us when we were younger. Those pages will never be posted, so don't worry Grams. 

I recently went out with a high school friend of ours. And we counted how many years we have all known each other. It has been ten years. TEN YEARS! That is like a decade. I cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly. We are all graduating college next year. Where will we all be? Well, the more time passes, the more memories we will be making and the more I will be scrapbooking.