Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vanessa & Me

This is the last one for the Double Scoop kit. These pictures are quite recent. My Godfather had couple of days off and we made plans to take a trip to Boston. I have a few friends there that I haven’t seen in years and Vanessa is one of them. We met in Chinese school over a decade ago. The last time I saw her was at my Chinese school graduation. She moved to Boston for school and had stayed there. It was so nice catching up and meeting her boyfriend. 

There were overlays in the kit and I wasn’t sure what to do with them because I didn’t have any photos that fit in the sizes they had included. So I used them for layering. The most difficult part of the layout was to write my journaling under that orange overlay. I didn’t want to write on top in case the marker smeared on the plastic. I also use the branding strip from a My Mind’s Eye Cut & Paste collection paper as the anchor for the photo placement. I love using all my scraps to get the most out of my supplies.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Brace your eyes because I subconsciously I must have been dying from the neutral pastel colors that I had to throw up color all over this one. Third one made from Double Scoop kits – it explodes with the brighter colors of the kit. I never thought myself as a beach person, but occasionally I do enjoy a nice tan. I dragged Martin to the beach a few times when we were in Hawaii. What else are you supposed to do other than relax on a beach haven? I brought in a circle punch in to cut punch out some cloud pattern paper to remind myself of the gorgeous Waikiki sky having fluffy clouds.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gerrit's Visit

This was a comfortable step moving back to having more color on my page. I still tried to have a subtle color background. To add the color, I used strips from one of the 12x12 sheets that had a horizontal strip pattern. I cut along the rough lines it had and had cut the ones that would not span past the photo width and had them peak out on the sides and hid the divides underneath the photo. I notched the ends with a banner cut and stacked the strips one on top of the other. It created a photo mat to lay the picture over. Add a couple of stars, and I called it done!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Zori's 32nd Birthday

Did anyone else take advantage of the massive Black Friday sale at Studio Calico? Because I sure did! They were offering five dollar scrapbook kits. Next year I think I may buy more; but, it depends on how I progress with the five kits I purchased myself. Hopefully, Studio Calico does it again next year. I wanted to make a ton of layouts with one kit; after four pages with the Double Scoop kit, I was out of alpha stickers to make titles. The test run was to limit myself to using only what the kit included. Besides the ink I needed in order to use the stamp, everything else was in the kits. Four pages is not as many as I hoped it would produce, but once I pick a new set of alpha stickers to use with the kit, I am sure I will be able to create a few more.

This was the very first one I made. It took me awhile to feel comfortable cutting right into a full 12x12 sheet to use as smaller pieces for the full page. When I made this, I was also trying to go for simplistic and neutral color combo. It was at this point I realized it wasn’t my style. I admire people that can create gorgeous pages with a lot of white space and minimal supplies and make it look amazing. For the life of me, I did not feel my page is complete if it doesn’t have enough stuff or color. I love color. To go from lots of color and patterns to just white and neutral may have been a giant leap my creativity was not ready for. Overall, I think it turned out well and it fulfills my need to cover the page. The next few layouts will look more like me. There is a lot more color!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rhode Island Long Weekend

I have been waiting for January to roll around because Martin was coming for a visit. Even though it is a new year, I do not have too many days off. I am trying to save them for a long vacation to visit Martin in April. We did take a couple of days to drive up to Newport, RI. It is off season there, but the hotel prices were still insanely high – just a note for anyone interested in going off season. Regardless, we have a pleasant time with all the different types of weather that occur during our stay – rain, snow, wind, cold, and even the sun.

Not going to write about the trip but below are a few snapshots of our long weekend.

Downtown Newport

Ocean Drive

Muse Restaurant

The Breakers - Vanderbilt's Family Summer Cottage 

Providence State Capital

With Great Friends @ Cable Car Cafe

The Breakers from the Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk View

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dear Twenty-Fourteen,

Twenty-Thirteen left quietly in the night and left you on the door step. I was not sure what to do with you when you first arrived. I was not ready. It took me more than a few weeks to sort all the things I needed to do in order to take care of you. But you were kind and gave me time to figure us out. You crawled slowly so I can organize myself and my thoughts on how I was going to do this. The list looks endless; and, there still are many things to tackle before I feel comfortable holding you in my arms. Regardless, I think I am ready. I am ready for the resolutions I have set for you and me this year. Like everyone has been thinking in his head, “This is the year.” This is the year to try, to fail, to try again, to fail again and to hopefully succeed. I am telling you and the world that I am extremely exhausted and terrified. I am exhausted and terrified because Twenty Thirteen left me in shambles of lost goals, diminishing self-confidence, no direction and a broken heart. But now, you are walking slowly with me picking up all these scattered pieces Twenty-Thirteen left behind. There is no way for me to share my appreciation for you other than to say that this is going to be our year. It is going to be just me and you to make the changes we want to see as we also approach another milestone in a couple of weeks. I hope you will run with me as I charge forward with my heart embracing more challenges and failures that I know only you would bring me. Hold my hand tightly Twenty-Fourteen; because we are going to need each to get through the next year.