Monday, October 19, 2009

Yummy Brownies

I like having things in order of what happened. So this my awesome way of showing Kevin and me baking brownies. I also like showing the final product or outcome of the hard work. So below is a connecting layout of our delicious brownies. (Yes, brownies is spelled wrong.) These are my super old layouts of when I started scrapbooking. I would like to think that I have evolved and matured in my layouts. Wait around and I hopefully I will get my latest ones up sometime soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ballroom Dancing

I picked up ballroom lessons secretly to surprise my boyfriend at the time. But I did not expect to fall in love with the activity. Although it was pricey and big hole in my wallet, it was worth every penny. School has picked up so I haven't gotten a chance to do it as often. However, I still remember the day I surprised him by showing him what I learned. I am still not very confident on the dance floor, but at least I have reduced my two left feet tendency. I picked this one because I wanted to use the making memories metal embellishment "dance", but I didn't know how until I made our dance instructor take a few pictures of us at our lesson. I love remember the first of many events. 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Once Upon a Time

For the next few entries, I will be pulling from my older scrapbooks. When I first started, I made them for my boyfriend at the time. I made four full scrapbooks, but only have three now because we lost one. I picked this as one of my entires, because I thought I was creative to use my thin scraps for this layout. I didn't waste new paper to make this;I try to be savvy with my materials. I know many scrappers like to get every pennies worth from their materials. We went to go watch a play at Roosevelt Park, Once Upon a Mattress, was the show that night. I wanted to have stacked mattress as my background. I save all my scraps, even the tiny ones, so I was thrilled that I was able to use up many of my thin scraps. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Laughing Carousel

Going to California with classmates was such an amazing experience. I think it would be the highlight of my four years at college. What was even better was meeting new people and spending time together outside the convention (of course during our free time). I thought it was great that the random photographer for these shoots got one with all of us laughing. I do not quite remember why we were laughing, but I think it had to do with our other friend being on the phone, and we had to tell him to wait for one second while we took the picture. I wanted to go on the Merry-Go-Round. I did not want to go on it by myself, so the guys were great sports and went on it with me. Aren't they wonderful?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Dinner

Four strangers become four close friends in five days. I do not know how many second chances we have in life. But I know that I am so gratefully for this chance that really made my junior and senior year worth while. This is a layout from the scrapbook that I had made for my friend Sindhu. Our first dinner together was at Lucca Restaurant in the downtown area of Sacramento. It was even better because it was a treat from our Honor society chapter. Although it was our first, it surely is not the last dinner or meal we had together. Later in my posts, I will be scrapping all the awesome moments I have had with these great people.

Monday, July 27, 2009

To Eat or Not to Eat.. I EAT

I must have mentioned how much I love to eat, especially good food. Who wouldn't?! I think I actually did quite a bit of eating while in Philadelphia. Met up with my Godfather that day, Mark, Grams and I went to Midtown Continental. Loved the decor of the place and the food was simple, but very good. It wasn't too expensive either. Cannot say why I like this page so much; it looks really busy. But I love the many colors and as busy as it may look, it feels complete.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not a Chocolate Fan

You'd be surprise to know that I do not like chocolate. YES! GASP! Someone who doesn't like chocolate. It happens. But I do love my hot chocolate (and white chocolate, which is not really chocolate). When Mark and I went to Philadelphia, we went to a chocolate cafe called Naked Chocolate Cafe. I am not too picky when it comes to the quality of my hot chocolate, but I remember that the hot chocolate here was super thick. I could barely drink it. However, their chocolates are an exquisite site. Don't think I will be going there anytime soon again, but there are surely many more chocolate shops I would love to see and visit. I think New York City has more than enough for me to visit in my lifetime. I have been to more chocolate shops in two years than the twenty-one years prior 2008 : Max Brenner, Jacque Torres & many more that I cannot even remember the name of.

What I love to do is collect items from all these places and put them in my scrapbook. The bag and menu from Naked Chocolate Cafe are on the page.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Have I ever mentioned how much I love to eat? When I was a sophomore, Grams and I asked Mr. Brodman to go have dinner with us and share his travel story. Since then, it has been tradition. Mr. Brodman and Grams has started recommending better and better places to have dinner. Trust me our visits have been divine. While Grams being in Philly, she did a great job scoping out the amazing restaurants in her area. Especially the Stephen Starr ones. But this page isn't a memory of our occasional dinners.

Mark and I went to Philadelphia for a weekend, and for two nights in a row, we tried some well-known restaurants in Philadelphia. Parc was still relatively new so I was super excited that I was trying before Grams did. The food was super good, I have had better but it satisfied my hungry appetite.

What I love to do is also collect a bunch of memorabilia from these restaurants, I think it was a Grams thing; but I use them to scrapbook. I think it brings great color to the page, and I love how I brought out the green in Parc's lettering.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scarlet Red

Now that I look back on these photos, can you believe these pictures are from only three years ago? It seemed like an eternity ago. These were the first steps out into the scary world. Independance isn't exactly be the word to describe it because we all were just 15 minutes away from home. But it was our life, our time and finally our own place.

For this album, I also discovered the amazing Kodak machine at CVS. They print smaller sizes, which is perfect for scrapbook making. I like making smaller scrapbooks because the huge 12x12 ones are ridiculous. 8x8 are the perfect size. I can fit a 4x6 nicely, or a few 3x4s or a bunch of 2x3s. Plus I save so much more money print 4 - 2x3s on a 4x6 or 2-3xs on the 4x6.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

42 blocks

Yes we walked forty two blocks. It was a crazy idea but we did it. I think it was probably really painful too. Grams and I wanted to go shopping in the city and we dragged Kevin and Dave along for the day. They were amazing. It was such a long day, but truly memorable. We got out of the train station at Union Square and shopped and walked all the way to Central Park. By the time we got to Port Authority to catch a bus home we were all exhausted that we had to sit and wait for the bus to arrive at the station.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So many things happened during the summer after our senior year. This was one of the last nights together before everyone went off to college. Most of us had to take a step towards moving on. It was difficult for many. But we always had each other. It was a single's night so I bought a pint of cream for each person to be depress with. Instead it turned out to be a good night. A night filled with good memories and good friends. We were playing life, and that is what we are all embarking on now. It was so funny how it foreshadowed the days that were ahead of us. To have a job, to have kids, to have an income and a home seemed so far. Or so it not seems now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Physics equals pain

Oh this class was painful. I do not know how I made it out of the class alive. I think I failed the final. The ratio of girls to guys was like 1 to 5. Not only did I not do well in the class, I did not do well on the AP exam. There were so many study groups and study sessions. The session at my house was the worst. I was so embarassed about how horrible my session was. My lights barely worked and there were like 13 classmates in my house. We all ended up falling asleep on the floor of my living room. I think we were still studying at 1am to 2am in the morning. WE WERE JUST IN HIGH SCHOOL! I swear we were insane. The usual Dave, Inhwan , Grams and me went to Barnes and Noble a lot. I do not think I learned anything in that class. All I can remember is Charanis saying " the truth of the matter is...." and he loved to make fun of our former President Bush, because he went to Yale with him. 

Now that I look back, I do not know why I am studying to be an engineering. I flunked my high school Physics AP class, but I aced all my College Physics classes. I surprised myself. I still remember going back to visit after my first year. Charanis actually heard that I was doing well in physics. I felt proud. 

And yes that is actually my physics homework as the background sheet. I dug it up from the huge pile of random physics notes. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Ten Years!

Like I mentioned in my previous post. Most of my high school friends and I met in middle school. So this is a dedication to all those awesome friends that I have known for so long. I miss you guys so much . 

I still remember the days when we stay after school everyday. Supposedly we were working on the yearbook or doing some random thing. But we all would be running off to Burger King, KFC, or the pizza place by Toys 'r us. We played so many frisbee games. Oh the good old days, when we did not have anything to worry about. We weren't worried about jobs, money and the future.
We were always waiting for someone to come get us. I still remember parents taking turns to drive the ten of us home. Mostly it was my mom and Dave's Dad. It was like a crazy bus system. Why couldn't we all live by each other? For thoses the just got dropped off, it took forever to get home because all of us lived everywhere. My mother was so good at remembering where everyone lived. How could she not, she did it so many times.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Barnes and Nobles

I love the simplicity of the page. I was so inexperience at printing on vellum. Vellum is such an awesome material. If you read it, you will notice I spelt Barnes and Noble as Barnes and Nobles. It always drove Grams nuts whenever someone added the 's' at the end of Noble. So I purposedly did on the page. I do not know if Grams ever noticed, she probably did. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new beginning

I remember looking for Stephanie and Grams that day to take a picture with them. I found Grams earlier and got a shot with her. I made a page for her in her scrapbook too. 
I remember being really upset that I did not catch one with Steph. Of all the people, Steph was the most important. I am still upset about how I couldn't get a picture with her. When I saw Kevin and then bumped into Eric, I was searching everywhere for Grams. The Green layout is definitely one of my favorites. I do not remember where I got the idea from, but where/whoever is it from thank you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Midnight Breakfast

Our last high school band concert. It was our senior year and the last band concert for all the seniors. I had to make it to see Grams' last performance. It was really nice to go out with Kevin and Eric afterwards. I am trying to remember how I got away with staying out so late. I can still remember how hard it was to convince our parents to let us stay out late. Well, at least personally my parents gave me a hard time about being out late at night. I know they were just being parents and were concerned about my safety. But I was never far. This IHOP was right around the corner for our high school. 

I remember that summer before college, the four of us hung out a lot. I still have a lot of pictures from summer barbeques and activities. Oh, if only we can revisit some of those memories. I miss you guys!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The beginnings...

I love to make scrapbooks. Weird thing is I love to make scrapbooks for other people. I haven't made a really good scrapbook for myself yet. This is the first page of the scrapbook that I made for my best friend. Three years ago we had to head off to college and of course she went the furthest; she went all the way to Philadelphia. I was so scared she will forget about me, so I decided to make her a scrapbook of our memories. There were some pretty hideous pictures of us when we were younger. Those pages will never be posted, so don't worry Grams. 

I recently went out with a high school friend of ours. And we counted how many years we have all known each other. It has been ten years. TEN YEARS! That is like a decade. I cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly. We are all graduating college next year. Where will we all be? Well, the more time passes, the more memories we will be making and the more I will be scrapbooking.