Friday, May 31, 2013

NSD 2013: Write with Repetition

I am still looking for the perfect white stamping ink. The one I used here is the Brilliance Moonlight White. It is not so bad, but I did have to stamp it a few times to get it to appear more. The challenge for this one was Shimelle Laine's: write with repetition. Kelly Purkey's Bon Appetit clear stamp 'YUM' was my repetition, which is a very good way to describe crab legs.

This page is bright with the warm colors. Reds, oranges and yellows backing the pictures all ow them to pop off the blue pattern page.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Harry Potter Fan

I am huge Harry Potter fan. In the future, all the Harry Potter books and movies will be classics - or at least that is what I believe. When I am watching television, I would rather watch a rerun of Harry Potter than watch a movie I haven't watched on HBO. 

When the Harry Potter Exhibition was in NYC by Times Square, it took no longer than a second to convince Mr. B to take Sile and I. It was super fun! Unfortunately, the time turner that Mr. B bought does not really work - I tried. If I could only turn back time....nah - I like my life very much right now. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming Full Circle

Happy Memorial Day! I guess it would be the most appropriate to display a page about Washington D.C. to commemorate the men and women who died serving our country. 

Two years ago, Martin and I took a short weekend trip to D.C. We did a quick tour for a couple days and checked out a few sites. I can recall the same weekend to be the weekend the government was close to being shut down. Many of the Smithsonians were planning to be closed, which would have totally ruined out trip. Fortunately for us, the government did not shut down. 

Two years later, we are back again for a reason I could not even imagine. Our interests are much different than going to see city center. We enjoy smaller local towns that has a spark and life of its own. But these are very good memories and worth visiting again.

For this page, I did my own poking and stitching for the sun. I also love the Lullaby font of the sparkly blue AC Thickers. A few of Amy Tangerine's Yes Please Noteworthy stickers and My Mind's Eye Collectible label stickers were used.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rejuvenating My Creativity

I am spending Memorial Day Weekend with my favorite person in North Carolina. While we are away for a weekend getaway, you can enjoy one of the pages that got my creative juices flowing. I had purchased Amy Tangerine's Yes Please Stencil Kit; it was a I-MUST-HAVE-IT kind of a purchase. I was visiting Martin around President's day and went to the Archivers in Raleigh. This was close to the time when the stores just started carrying the new collections for the year. I really liked the skyline stencil. It works really well for city themed pages. I had photos from Martin's going away party in NYC. It takes awhile to do all the stitching; but, it was worth the effort and time to add texture and dimension to the page. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Project Life: February 2013

I am playing catch up with blogging. As of right now, I am up to date on Project Life. My pace is different than most scrapper that participate. Studio Calico sends me the kit at the beginning of the month. However, I do not scrap the month until the next month. After the month is over, I gathered all my last month's photos and print the ones that I want to use in my Project Life album and my standard twelve by twelve pages. Sam's Club is my go to for printing at thirteen cents a photo, which is a darn good rate.

Credit: Studio Calico

Blogs that I read of scrappers like to scrap everyday life; sometimes, I do too. But, usually I only document more concrete memories. Studio Calico's February Project Life Kit was called Front Row. Every now and then, I will sneak an everyday photo in: one can see a picture of my desk and a nice sunset from my balcony in these spreads.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NSD 2013: Scrap with 4x6 photos

Even though I select a product and have an idea of how I want to use it. I usually end up not using it at all and swap it out for something else. For Shimelle Laine: Scrap with 4x6 photos challenge, I picked the following items to use. 

I ended up only using a few things and swapped out flairs for sequins. Apparently they are the new 'it' thing. I really like this memory of Hawaii. It was our first night in Honolulu. The sunset was gorgeous. I would really like to go back again some day. For now, there are so many other places I want to go see. A second visit will have to wait until I make a lot more money and have a lot more vacation days.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project Life: January 2013

I decided to sign up for the Studio Calico Project Life Kit when it first was available for pre-registration  last year. Luckily, when it started selling in January; I already had signed up for the subscription. Since day one, they have been sold out every time; there is still a waiting list.

The very first Project Life kit was called Block Party. I had decided to have the majority of my project life kit from Studio Calico to be the supplies I used for this year's Project Life. All left overs are being used for my full twelve by twelve pages and last year's project life album.

Credit: Studio Calico
It was a tough decision as to where to start my 2013 album because I celebrated my New Year in the middle of my vacation to Germany. I took it literally and started with the pictures of when the clock struck twelve. I do not follow the week by week process that many do. I find it super silly that people think it has to be used a certain way. When I read or listen to other scrappers stress over it, it confuses me. It is just recording memories, relax...

Monday, May 20, 2013

NSD 2013: Scrap in Pink

For all the layouts I made on (Inter)National Scrapbook Day, I decided to take a picture of the supplies I had preselected before I started working on the page. This was to complete the challenge created by Shimelle Laine: Scrap in Pink. I usually scrap in a blue color, or at least that is what I have observed looking at all my pages on the wall. For some reason, I am also attracted to polka dots too.   

I have a ton of photos from the trip to San Francisco. These are of the ones relating to the famous and popular cable cars. The page is not entirely of pink; but I thought I used enough to apply. I used another Dear Lizzy badge from her Lucky Charm collection and the glitter alphas from Pebbles. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

NSD 2013: Scrap with Spray Inks and Mists

A layout I made for NSD was based on Shimelle Laine's: Scrap with Mists challenge. I have made quite an investment into color mists. I have a substainial collection of Studio Calico's Mister Huey's and Heidi Swapp's Color Shine.

These are the materials I thought I would use, and I think I used most if not all. The only materials I did not use all of were the Color Shine. I barely get the chance to use them.


 I picked seven colors of the twelve that are currently available. I selected a rainbow assortment of mists. The page is about the iPhone and I think it is a very colorful topic. It swayed me to pick a white background with embossed polka dots. I made a rainbow of droplets with the nozzle part of the bottle.  

This was quite a memorable moment. Martin had upgrade to the new iPhone and gave me his old one. My introduction to a smart phone started here. I have had smart phones that just were not really all that smart. This also allowed me to instagram more regularly - a very good thing. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Family in C.A.

Happy Saturday folks! So much is going down in the next few months. My new assignment has come in and I will be returning to my home state. Therefore, I will be thoroughly trying to enjoy my last two months here. Which pretty much means lots more scrapbooking. At home, I have less room and less stuff to cloud my creativity. This was a layout I made over 3 months ago. I actually think it was the first one I made after my move to Virginia. 

I consider myself luck to have family in some pretty cool places. When Martin and I went to San Francisco, we were able to meet up with my Uncle John & family. My favorite part about the this is how the navy and pink works really well together. I even got myself to use the Dear Lizzy badge from her Lucky Charm collection. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

National Scrapbooking Day 2013

This past Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. Yes, there is such a holiday. Who created it? Probably on of the many major craft companies that wanted to make more money and do some marketing for themselves created it. Regardless, it was an extremely fun weekend for me. I created twelve pages. Yep, TWELVE! For me, that is a lot because it usually takes me hours to get one out. I would be lucky if I produce one day. With all the companies participating and create challenges, it was a lot easier to motivate myself.

Sneak peek above! I will share them individual later on. As preparation I took pictures of the products I decided to use before starting the layout and will be able to show what I use for the page.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Driving Long Distance

Good morning and Happy May! I rarely get up early; since my cable box in my room has broken down, I have gone to bed early, hence waking up earlier. Happy Wednesday!

After experiencing the three and half hour drive to Virginia from New Jersey, everything else seems relatively close; Baltimore is only forty five minutes to an hour away from me. ( Raleigh is still five to 6 hours - that is still very far. ) Washington D.C. is close too but the traffic stresses me out. So I drove all by myself to Baltimore to meet Mr. Brodman. His student had a conference there the weekend of February 9th. I met up with him for brunch and we went to Miss Shirley's Cafe. It was quite yummy. I love it when I can customize the meal to something I prefer. After lunch we walked around for a bit and did a little bit of shopping.

As one should be able to tell, the weather was quite decent that weekend. I am glad I made the trip up. My trip back to Virginia wasn't so bad either. I even got free parking; I would call that a successful Saturday. I suggested to Martin that we go when he visits me.