Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not Ready for Life

Not one of my favorite layouts, I think I made this in a rush. Why did I make it in a rush? I have no idea. But it is still 'okay' to look at.  Sorry Ken, didn't mean to make it so random. However, it displays the feeling I am currently having: anxiety. I think the layout is full of anxiety. It is so disorganized and random. I had dinner with Ken Tuesday night, and we went to my favorite New Brunswick restaurant: Due Mari. We finally caught up on life; we have a meal together once every two years. After I graduated High School, I remember telling him that we would graduate college together. He entered the six year Pharmacy Program and I did the four year Engineering Program. Four years later we are graduates and unemployed. 

My anxiety will be kicking in at approximately 11:30 am. I am having lunch today with future classmates. People that I don't know are probably going to sit next to me and probably not talk to me. For the Myers Briggs, I have been determined to be more of an Introvert than an Extrovert. I am always too shy to say anything to anyone. This bad habit of mine needs to change in the next three months. Hopefully I would learn to be out going and have better topics of discussion (these are clearly not a Mandy trait). 

I was experimenting with colors. I think I got away with the light blue and pink, the yellow may have been pushing it. When I made this layout, I had recently gotten a tagger. It is the perfect tool for all those tags that have tin holes in them. Some people just glue them down. Mine can actually swing!

Friday, June 4, 2010

T Minus 3 Days

Haven't been able to get my self to sleep longer. My internal clock wakes me up around 8 every morning, regardless of the time I go to bed. This may be good practice for when my internship starts and I will have to get up earlier than 8 am. But in 3 days, I will be able to walk around the city as much as I like, as late as I like. Maybe I will be able to go see more Broadway shows. I will soon have another layout on the latest show that I watched "Promises Promises". As for Phantom of the Opera, the music was amazing as always.I didn't really know the plot line, so I kind of went in blind. This layout was the one I made for Ariel's Birthday back in March. I don't have much to comment about my layout, I just laid it out until I liked it. 

Paper- Me & My Big Ideas
Flowers- Prima
Buttons- Making Memories 
Ribbon- Bobbin Ribbon & Celebrate it
Mat stacks- Making Memories
Journaling- Narratives by Karen Russell

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June

Memorial Day has passed so I think it means Summer has begun. The weather has been mostly pleasant other than the mild humidity and rain we had yesterday. All the bulky and heavy sweaters can be put away for next Winter, and all the pretty clothes can come out of the closet. I thought I would start June off with a bright layout. As an add-on to my last post about the city visit, the two afternoons were spent with Grams at two nice mini-cafes. The food was "Yummy" and the decors of each place were cute.

It cannot be seen very well from this view, but I made bows to divided the pictures. I was too lazy to cut them and I kind of like having them attached. The journaling was done on the back of the restaurant's postcard. The front looks exactly the same as the business card in the top right hand corner.

Paper- Doodle Bug Inc.
Stickers- making memories Boho Chic
Flowers - Target
Ribbon- Target & American Crafts
Gems- Studio 18