Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Stamp Works!

Diana birthday is today of course!? But I already made sure a few weeks ago when I saw her for dinner I had her present ready. When I first met Diana, we were outside our school apartment building moving in for our orientation. At first glance of her room, you would know she loves the color pink. It's too obvious for you not to notice. As a result, her birthday card ran a pink theme. What I like the most about this card was how I attached the plastic flower to the ribbon with a purple flower brad. I would say my abilities are not in layouts, but in attachment methods of elements to one another. The detail in my "dreaMS design" stamp worked extremely well. Even though my name was extremely small, it inked on to the paper flawlessly. 

Happy Birthday Diana!
May your dreams take your further every year.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Spending frivolously?

Can't you tell how excited I am to go on vacation? I have already purchased tools to be used for the Italy scrapbook. However, I have also been spending frivolously lately. There isn't too much do to after work other than go home. This is not a complaint; just a mere statement of fact. Usually before I pick my mom up from work, I tend to stop at a store to walk around in air conditioning for a few minutes. One of my recent stops led me to these goodies from T.J. Maxx. It does not have a large selection of scrapbook materials, but these were such a bargain at its regular price that I had to get them. It took me a while to commit to the airplane punch, but I will be flying four times in a course of 11 days; if plan it properly it will be well utilized. The arrows were an obvious choice, but it was luck to have seen any medium sized punches there.  As for the number stamps, the "st" , "nd" , "rd" and "th" was what totally sold me.

I checked off another goal a week ago. I finally finished reading Tipping Point by Malcolm Galdwell. Not only did I read that book, I also read Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert, which was also a very good book. A new book is definitely on the list of things to buy soon or else I will not have a book to read on the airplane.  I am itching to be able to start counting down the days until I leave. That day is still unfortunately way too far. Patience is a virtue. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

How Much Can I Drink?

Clearly not much. I did a wine tasting with Sharon in Paris and then I did another one with Martin near his hometown. Maybe I should consider doing one in Italy... Yes... I said ITALY! Details on hotels and transportation were settle last weekend. I am super excited to be able to cross another item on my list. Rome and Venice are the two cities in the itinerary. And I am counting down the days until vacation. I have already bought a bunch of items specifically for the trip. Another scrapbook is in order for Italy. I think I am going to start that today since it is my last summer holiday. 

I like this layout especially for its color combination. I used a transparency over the picture. My method of attaching them together was with the pretty epoxy paper clip. The picture is one of my favorites. Although I am very conscious that sometimes I hold the wine glass incorrectly.   

Target $1 Ribbon
Queen & Co. Sunflower Yellow Rhinestones
Prima Fancies Aloha Petals
Making Memories Clear Scrolls
Making Memories Mat Stack Brights
EK Success Sticks Tag Types
Making Memories  Chloe's Closet Epoxy Clips

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long time in the making

I have had this layout all plan out in my back pocket for awhile, but I never finished it. This event was from over a year ago when I went to my first circus show. I was very excited about it because I even wrote a short blog mention in my A Fun Day in the City entry.

For this layout, I tried a new medium. I have a large transparency over the entire pattern paper background. The pictures are attached to the patterned paper. My biggest concern was to figure out how to hide the attachment method. I will let you in on my secret; it is hidden under the butterflies. Butterflies were placed on top of the transparency and the glue and sticky stuff is underneath. The butterflies were a prop from the show. At the end of the show, they threw butterflies confetti at us, so I grabbed a few to add three dimensional touch to it. The tickets are the ones we used to get into the huge circus tent at Randall's Island. Good memory.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Surprises

So today is my Daddy's birthday. Every year we do not do anything special because my father hates celebrating his birthday. Usually, he is really cranky about a week beforehand. But it is much expected for his age, we can't really say that he is turning 25 for the 29th time. However, I think this year I have out done myself in the present category. Sometimes, I pay for dinner or I would buy him a crystal from Swarovski. This year I purchased him and my Mommy Lion King tickets. Neither one of them have been to a Broadway Show before so I am super excited to see their reaction. Though, from my father I should not hope for too much; it is very unlike him to display any emotion whatsoever.

Anyways, today's post is of a Birthday Card I made for Martin almost a whole month ago. Did you know it takes TEN days for a package to arrive in Germany from the States? I sent Martin a small package for his birthday exactly ten days before he was to receive it at home. When I made this card, I was also under a tight deadline. I had forgotten to take a picture of it prior to sealing and sending. Thank goodness Martin hadn't thrown it out yet (though I didn't think he would) and he took the pictures today and sent them to me. **Brownie points to Martin for remembering to take and send me these pictures because I had already forgotten.