Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pharmacy Rocks My World on the side

Since sophomore year, I have been living with pharmacy students. Not only am I talking about my roommate,  my suite mates have been mostly pharmacy students too. Since the campus I live on tend to be Pharmacy and Engineering focused, it would make sense that I would meet some students in the other professional school. Christine and Kajal were Roxi and my suite mates during my junior year of college. The four of us have been working super hard to get together and to hang out. We finally got around to it last Thursday night by going out to celebrate Roxi getting her internship for the summer and the fact the four of us were out having fun together. 

Christine and Kajal are super cool people too. I am sad that they will be leaving to go on rotations next year. The picture above was our first picture together, the picture was taken at Roxi's 21st birthday. But I think the one we took last week was even better. Usually I do not post pictures, but I think it is too good to pass up. I copied Roxi and also made it my profile picture on Facebook. 

Back to the layout, I had  bought big shape cut outs from Micheals and wanted to make a big statement with them. I scrap-lifted the the big shape idea from somewhere. I wanted to off center the shape and I also wanted to leave some open space on the layout. Usually I like to fill the page, but I have been studying other designs and like how some scrappers have empty space on their pages and it still feels complete. The title works well too, "Beauty" is a great word to describe Kajal and Christine. I love using staples for attaching the ribbon. It is really difficult to attach mesh ribbon without having the adhesive show through.

Paper- Colorbok
Ribbon - Celebrate It
Adhesive chipboard - K & Company
Pattern Shape - Micheals

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senior Design

So what are the chances that the title of your page would come out perfectly from a sheet of die cuts of alphabet letters. I am using the negative from the die cut sheets and saving the letters for something else. Maybe I will have a page called "Feed" since that is what I can spell with the letters rearranged. This semester has been somewhat interesting. Since it is my last semester, I have two senior design classes and three graduate classes. To emphasize on the "senior" part, I am beginning to have senioritis. I think is it fair though because it is the last full week of school. 
One of my Senior Design classes is called DEEF, short for Design of Environmental Engineering Facilities. Technically I should be working on our power point presentation, but I don't really feel like doing. Especially after two finals today, I think my brains needs to rest. So a little about the pictures, our senior design was to design a stormwater treatment system for a site. Our site is in Carteret at the water front park. We had to take a trip out there earlier in the semester as a class to check out the site. It was an okay trip, I just remember going to Denny's after with Kurt and Cassie to have a free breakfast.

Paper- Double Mates
Letters - Colorbok
Flowers- Prima
Rhinestones - Studio 18
Ribbon - Target

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Had to get up super early this morning, because it is Rutgers Day, also known as Engineering Open House. Been slightly busy all week with senior design and last week I took a small vacation, so posts have slowed down. But I have been still making layouts continuously.

It is going to be one crazy day, I will be selling burgers. Who thought that my Dad sent me to school to sell burgers. Hopefully this year I will take more pictures, I got the pictures above from someone else. So this layout is of last year's open house. We were all exhausted and tired after the long day. But we still went out to Applebee's later that night for half priced appetizers. It was my first time participating in the event/steering committee, but it was super fun. That is why I decided to do it again this year. The picture is a bunch of us on the roof top of our school of engineering building. Never thought I would ever get to go the roof top.

Whenever I scrapbook something about Rutgers, I cannot help but use the school colors. I was going to put the letters on the black and white pattern squares, but I thought it wouldn't show through. The letters look better on the black background.

Paper - MM Mat Stacks, DCWV patterned paper
Embellishments - Soft Spoken
Stickers - Stickopotamus

Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's Celebrate

There are so many things that should be and need to be celebrated. Unfortunately, circumstances do not always match up with convenience. Today is my wonderful God-father's Birthday!
He and his students are on their way down to Washington D.C to kick butt in the National IPLE competition. For those that do not know what IPLE is, ( meaning people like me, because I had to ask my God-father for the definition for this posting,) it stands for Institute for Political and Legal Education. My alma mater, East Brunswick High School, has been to the national competition 23 times of the last 24 years. EBHS won first place every year I was in High School. It was definitely something that we were all proud of. My God-father has played a major role in this competition since 1992. Surely, the students are smart and wonderful, but I think my God-father is an awesome teacher and coach. I wish him and the East Brunswick IPLE Team best of luck and I know they will make East Brunswick proud.

The layout is of my attempt surprise birthday dinner I planned for my God-father last year. It was the big five-Oh.  I used my MM slice to make the letters from scraps. My God-sister (no relation to my God-father) and I had a scrapbooking day and I decided to spend the entire time just cutting with my slice (which my God-father got me). I wanted to have a 2 x 3 box structure in the layout.

Paper - Doublemates, My Minds Eye
Diecuts - Making Memories
Saying - K & Company
Brad gems - Recollection, Studio 18

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Sindhu!

Happy Birthday my dearest friend Sindhu! By the time this goes up I have already given you your present. I will show the layout I made for you in a later post. I made this card with the products I got from Crop Chocolate. Not too difficult to see what the "S" is for. Since Sindhu loves purple, I tried to not do purple so much. I just did a little bit.

A message to the Birthday Girl:
Happy Birthday my dear! You are getting old like me! So I hope that this day is everything you dreamed it would be. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

4 of Us

I remember the first event with the four of us together; it was Jason's Birthday, and we went ice skating; gosh I don't remember what year it was though. I was only invited because he wanted me to keep Grams company. Sounds sad, but I guess thats not so bad. I still remain friends with all of them which is what I love the most. I think the event in the layout was last year during the summer sometime. I cannot quite remember exactly. We decided to meet up and have sushi at U-Yee, with an ice cream run at Cold Stone Creamery. When we were younger, I remember we tried to start a tradition: go ice skating during spring break every year. I think it only worked for one year. Then the next year, we went to the rink on Easter and it was closed; so we changed to a picnic at Bicentennial Park. It was just as much fun. I do not think we four have gotten to hang out since this picture was taken. I hope we do get to do something together soon.

As for the layout, I just wanted something whimsical. Up beat colors and exciting patterns make me happy. I love the swiggles cuts that I made with the Mat Stacks. I also used the Chloe's Closet letters but you cannot see them as well because it blended in to the background of the patterned paper. After putting names on the layout, I noticed that all our names are five letters long: (position in the photo) Jason, David, Mandy and Alice.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun Times

It is Thursday morning, Kurt and I have a long day ahead of us. But I know having to get up super early this morning to do our traffic count in Hoboken is going to be worth it. But since we were right by the Path, we planned to have a bit of fun and go out to the city for the day. Not a clue what that includes, but I think it would be just like this layout title "Fun Times".

The event in the layout was also a spare of the moment one. After an afternoon of ice skating, Karan, Sindhu and I decided to go get some food because we were hungry. Sindhu called Maryia and Adrian and I called Kalev. We all decided to go to Applebees for half priced appetizers.

I loved the pretty prima flowers that Karan and Sindhu picked out for me. They bought me so many goodies that I can't help but give them credit for my lovely embellishments. I originally bought the patterned paper for a layout with pictures dealing with Cheesecake Factory. The colors give me that kind of feel. But I thought it would work out so great with Applebees too.