Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hiding Things Well

I have disappeared for a bit, gone long enough to have a few good entries for a week or so. Most of them are going to be about Project Me. But today, I will share a shadow box I made. This was a present for my Cousin's father-in-law. Feedback says that he really liked it, which is very important to me.

For the first section of this shadow box, I thought I was clever in hiding the string to hang the chipboard. The pictures below show how I hide them with out taking out any major tools to drill holes. I tried to add lots of dimension to each frame. I guess that would be the point to to having a shadow box.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gallery is Up

I have been meaning to show my layouts in a gallery setting and I finally got around to it this week. You can select on the 'Gallery' tab in my menu bar and it will take you to another page where you will find most of my work. I have place them in reverse chronological order of when I made them. The few albums made in 2006 were the beginning stages of my obsession for this hobby. Many of the layouts are simple and plain. But I think it shows how far I have come with my layouts. I am proud of all of these albums I have made. Most are were for friends, but a few will be of my own projects. I am embarrassed to admit it, but when you go through them, you will find MANY spelling and grammatical errors. It is too late to fix or change them now. As I uploaded some of them, I realized some layouts didn't have titles. I tried to add some as I went, but I think I had finished some of these really quickly. But I am sincerely excited to have found Issuu to help me display my work.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lent Commitment

I am sure I have failed this year's Lent miserably. During the last 40 days, I did not buy any clothes. However, because I had committed to helping my cousin create presents and new scrapbook albums, I had no choice but to purchase scrapbook supplies. I also had to return my Project Life sleeves because the set that arrived did not contain all 60 pages. Therefore, I had to reorder them from Amazon. My godfather, the former lawyer, helped me rationalize these purchases as work related. Apparently the reasons worked too, because it did not stop me from buying whatever I thought I needed. I haven't been spending money on all the crafting supplies; yesterday, I received another giveaway that I won. I can't wait to create new projects with them.

I also purchased an organizer for my mini spools of ribbons. Originally, I placed all my mini spools in this large glass holder. But I always had trouble selecting ribbon I could and want to use on my projects.

Now I have this organizer to help me see a bunch of my ribbon at the same time. Currently, my washi tape collection is small. When I acquire more, I will purchase separate case for those.

I also received a sweet treat in the mail yesterday. Every girl likes flowers, and every boyfriend that sends his girlfriend flowers is an awesome boyfriend. Thanks Martin!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Life - Project Me

I am so excited to share the first page of my Project Life. Becky Higgin's Project Life has the taken paper crafting industry by storm. It is the 'it' thing to be doing as a scrapbooker. Many has stated how it has made their memory keeping easier because of its versatility. I would say the same, but for some reason or another, I take a very long time to complete a layout. So this project has not made my life all too different, but it does assist me in keeping everything in chronological order. I am considering going backwards after I catch up on my current year. Instead of calling it Project Life, I am calling it Project Me. After doing a few pages, I am concerned I will no longer create large layouts. The ease of slipping in the photos and a few journal cards surely lightens the load. But I am going to try to continue making larger layouts. 

This is my very first page of 2012. I didn't really do much days one through five other than wait for Martin to come to the States. But on Day Six, we flew to California. It is well documented on my blog. So the album starts off with my Twenty Twelve Resolutions and the start of my winter vacation. On this first page, I have so many favorite parts. I loved how I was able to find a clear of the USA, so I could punch out a plane to fly across the country in the background. I loved how I was able to add a quote on top of the picture of the view from my window on the plane. I loved how I found these calender cards from Paper Source when Martin and I were down in Princeton; I bought a full set to mark the start of a new month. I loved how my memorabilia can be incorporated into the layout. Is that enough love for you?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Woohoo 18 Months!

It has been eighteen months since Martin asked me out! And he makes me as happy as he did the very first day I met him. The photo was taken when we were in Hawai'i. I just loved the coloring of the photo. They were a nice match to the Miss Caroline Collection from My Mind's Eye. This was also one of my submissions for a design team call.

You can't read the journaling I have written, but it is just a bunch of quotes I liked, combined together. I rarely journal on my layouts, but I find that it is crucial to have journaling if I ever want to be published. These colors are suited for the upcoming spring weather. I am dying for a little bit of warmth these days. Aren't you?