Saturday, December 24, 2011

For Someone Special

I made a birthday card for a friend, because she has been extremely supportive with my scrap-booking activities. I recently asked friends and family to send me pictures for me to scrap. Cynthia responded immediately and gave me pictures to help her create presents for her cousins this Christmas. Those layouts will be displayed later. I saw that Cynthia's birthday was coming up and decided to make her a card.

Last but not least, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you create wonderful memories with your loved ones. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Officially Done

I have officially moved home. After five and a half years, I have completed two degrees and loved every minute doing it. Many people say it, but not many believe it. I knew the best years of my life were going to be as a student. To be truthful, I am extremely jealous of my classmates because they can continue class again in the spring. While I sit at home constantly applying to jobs and hoping for response, my classmates will continue to learn more about the industries. Hopefully I will hear back soon; but in the meantime,  I shall relax and breath some more before real life starts. A chapter in my life is ending, but I know I am starting the new one with a bang.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Michael Sarshad's Birthday Celebration

Mikey's birthday was last week before Thanksgiving. And we officially celebrated yesterday! Brian did a fantastic job trying to keep our location and activity a surprise. Drum roll please....we went rock climbing in Fairfield. It was super fun and we made some new friends. Afterwards, we went to TGIF. By the time we returned back to Newark, it was 1 am. Thank goodness Brian was driving, because if it was me, I would have fallen asleep behind the wheel. At the end of my blog entry is the card I made for Mike's birthday; but first, check out the pictures of the great time we had together. 
Our event planer, Brian, and Martin Belaying

Climbing up, up and away

Birthday Boy, Mike, and our super cool Tiffany!

Mikey Climbing...

God is watching over us.

Martin and I at the top.

Brian was super awesome!

Me climbing.

A true supportive friend :)

The group!
Mike's card: I enjoyed making the cupcakes with the punch that I had purchased over the summer. It may look overboard, but I wanted to try out the repetition technique by having the same pattern. However, it is not in an organized manner. The cupcake colors match the overall colorful scheme from the pattern paper. I hope he liked it. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Holidays are here...

What a busy Thanksgiving holiday. My Mom did Thanksgiving this year and it was absolutely hectic. We had about 20 people over and my house was super packed with people and food. Regardless it was fun and super filling after all the courses we had. Then (Friday) there was Black Friday shopping; we went to the Jackson Outlets as a group. Then (Saturday) there was my cousin's kid's 4th birthday. Then (Sunday) there was my Cousin Tat's wedding reception.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is the official start to the winter holidays. Christmas is a few weeks away, but I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping weeks ago. I also made these Christmas cards a couple of weeks ago because I felt like procrastinating. I really enjoyed making these and think that they are some of my best card work.

My favorite aspect to this card is the metal trinket that I had, that said "Merry Christmas". 

My favorite aspect to this card, is the yellow twine and presents that played in really well with the stickers.