Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scarlet Red

Now that I look back on these photos, can you believe these pictures are from only three years ago? It seemed like an eternity ago. These were the first steps out into the scary world. Independance isn't exactly be the word to describe it because we all were just 15 minutes away from home. But it was our life, our time and finally our own place.

For this album, I also discovered the amazing Kodak machine at CVS. They print smaller sizes, which is perfect for scrapbook making. I like making smaller scrapbooks because the huge 12x12 ones are ridiculous. 8x8 are the perfect size. I can fit a 4x6 nicely, or a few 3x4s or a bunch of 2x3s. Plus I save so much more money print 4 - 2x3s on a 4x6 or 2-3xs on the 4x6.