Friday, September 2, 2011

Trip Wrap-up with Personal Observations

School has already started. It is my last semester as a student, which makes me very sad. Vacation flew by pretty quickly. Returning home was quite stressful when Martin was placed on standby. I had secured a seat on the flight home, but unfortunately due to Hurricane Irene, our flight was over booked. With some luck, everything worked out in the end.

I made a few observations while on vacation. I had forgotten a bunch, but for the ones that I remembered are below

1. I find European people rude. Ex: A guy was shoving his way onto an already crowded bus and yelling at a man who was on the bus from a previous stop to make room. Seriously?! (Europeans find American rude, so we are even.)
2. Italians do not watch where they are going. Two options, either we are not walking and they walk right into us or we move out of the way but they give no room to scoot pass us.
3. Rome really likes their cobble stone. But I do not so much because I nearly twisted a few times everyday.
4. I will from now on run away from any person coming up to tell me whatever they are going to give me is free.

My last two days in Europe was spent in Germany with Martin's family. Definitely one of my favorite parts to the trip. This visit was much much greener than the last. The vineyards had grapes and the weather was great, compared to the last winter and hot Italy.