Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Islands of Venice

The Islands of Venice are a hot spot, literally and figuratively. Murano is famous for its glass and Burano is famous for its lace. Martin and I spent the day going to these places. on our third day in Venice. We spent so much money buying souvenirs for our friends and family, or at least I did. 

In the little shops selling Murano glass, there were people making items in the corner of the store. I was able to see up close the technique and hoe delicate the work is. There were pretty glass sculptures located all over the island. We encountered quite a few on our walk.

In Burano, I loved of the bright colored homes. The purpose of it was for the fisherman to be able to identify his home returning from the sea in under foggy conditions. We also saw many stores selling lace items, which was why Burano is famous. All the different types of lace and technique were displayed at the Lace Museum in Burano.

Pictures taken on the last day in Venice: We walked around and went to two more museums that our museum  allowed us into.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Flooded in multiple senses

Venice is flooded by tourist (*pun intended). That is a mere understatement. Since we have arrived, there are tourists everywhere. There is no chance of getting too lost because if you follow another fellow tourist, you are bound to reach some form of recognizable street or waterway. Today’s itinerary included a massive tourist attraction. The St. Mark’s Basilica and almost everything else in the plaza. I even witnessed a wedding proposal, it was super sweet.

With the Venice connected museum pass, we were able to go to Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico and Doge’s Palace. In the Area was the Torre dell’Orologio and Bridge of Sighs. Martin insisted on going up the Campanile di San Marco; it was 8 euros. But the views were pretty and I found a medallion machine. I haven’t seen one since I have been in Italy. Clearly, it was a rip off, but as I like to put it, I am sucker for souvenirs.  

As soon as we were done with our tourist aspect of the day, we took the rest of the day lightly. It consisted of a nice stroll to the Rialto Market, then lunch and a nap. Later in the evening when the sun went down, we walked through San Polo briefly and had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

City in Water

I am finally in comfortable weather temperatures in Martin's hometown. We landed at 12:30 am last night; not exactly the ideal time for having for Martin's parents to come pick us up. But they were wonderful to stay up later for us. Internet was so expensive in Venice that Martin and I decided to go without for the four days. Of course when we both checked our emails they were full.

On to Venice details:

As I write this blog entry, I am aware that it will not be read until a few days later because the hotel we are staying at is charging a trillion dollars for 30 minutes of wireless time. However, I will still write when it is fresh in my memory.

I had forgotten to include a video from yesterday’s visit to the Vatican. On our way out of St. Peter’s we witnessed a routine event. The switching of the Swiss guards when his shift ends.

I would also like to note the temperature that we have been experiencing here in Italy. Four words: HOT, HOT, VERY HOT. This can been seen from the picture below.

Today, Martin and I got up early, packed, had breakfast and headed off to the Roma Termini Station, a picture was shown in an earlier entry "Vacation has-arrived". We were off to Venice; the three hour train ride was manageable and very pleasant. As we passed, the country side views of the hills and homes were beautiful.

When we arrived in Venice, the view was extraordinary. The moment I saw the city in the water, I had a feeling I would enjoy this city very much. Martin and I were able to find out hotel easily and settled in. Today’s itinerary plan was to wander the Cannaregio District, which we did in no organized manner. In the crooked streets of Venice; you are bound to get lost.

Streets filled with tourists

Really pretty masks


PASTA! I <3 my carbs.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Countries in One

Today was a packed day. We went to the Museo Borghese. Even though Martin and I did not look at all the work in detail, it still took us an hour and half to walk through the gallery. Afterwards, we had a nice venture through the Gardens of Borghese. Under some trees offering shade, we had a break for lunch.

Then to the Vatican City we went. I think Vatican City does a poor job at directing where we can purchase tickets. We ended up walking around half of the city looking for an entrance. In the end, we just went to St. Peter's Basilica. Martin wanted to go to the Cupola San Pietro, the top of St. Peter's Basilica. The path was super strange with all the spirals and curves; it was long hike but well worth the view.

Of course, I spotted the souvenir shop on the way down for the top. Martin and I mailed some post cards from the Vatican City.