Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What are cute-cuts?

I was silly enough to try to google what "cute cuts" were. I am still not sure what they are. From what I have gathered to understand they are the cute little drawings strictly from Bella Blvd's collections. They are adorable, unfortunately I do not have any. Last Monday's Challenge: Use Cute Cuts on Your Layout. So here is what I have come up with. Hopefully it is still acceptable, I am just using my creative licence life has given me.

I mashed this together from some photos I have been meaning to scrap. These photos were from an earlier entry of a small group of  my friends and I going to Rockefeller Center for an ice skating event. I really hope we can continue this trend. The last time we tried to do ice skating trips only lasted for 2 years. This shows that traditions are difficult to keep. Ice skating is a personal "Winter Love" for me. I am not that great at it, but I really love doing it. Someday, I think I will try to restart my skating lessons. It would be super fun to do a twirl or a jump without landing on my butt of course.

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