Monday, February 13, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

Last week, I spent a good chunk of a day organizing my paper collection. Some might understand the crazy amounts of paper a scrapper can, how should I put it, hoard. I do not categorize myself as such a person because I just do not have that much paper. As I slowly sorted my stack, I realized that I have a ton of paper, almost literally. I had never needed to organize so much paper; I didn't even have enough dividers or folders to place them in. Now that they are organized, I think it is a sign to myself that I want to showcase my work more. A few of my 25 goals before 25 are related to having my work published. From what I have read from other scrappers, I am going to have to be patient.  This process sounds very similar to my job searching one. I just have to keep submitting layouts the same way I have to keep applying for jobs. It is rather interesting to be in the same stage in both parts of my life: professional and personal. 

Speaking of patience, I am a patient person. However, when two weeks go by and I still haven't received My Mind's Eye prize pack; I get antsy. Today, I had sent an email kindly asking if it had gotten lost. Lo and behold, the UPS guy drops off my package this evening five hours after I sent the email. I am like a child in a candy store when I purchase and receive scrapbooking materials. Miss Caroline Dolled Up collection looks fantastic, don't you think?  I am feeling like my Hawai'i photos will work extremely well with this collection.

Well now I am off this evening to go spend Valentine's Day with my favorite person. And I hope you and your loved one have a sweet day tomorrow as well. Happy Valentine's Day!

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