Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oops... No. 25

Making My Birthday Wish with 24 Candles!
So my goal list was short one goal. There should be 25 goals not 24 for my 25th year of life. Unfortunately, I did not realize this until after my goals were published. I guess I will amend it now. 

25. Set up my own website.

Coming up with a 25th goal was fairly difficult. Maybe I was not thinking outside the box enough. But I think setting up my own website will surely be a challenge. Computers aren't really my thing, but I have picked up many skills along the way as I have slowly gained interest in website developing. I have my own URL, but I am still trying to figure out all the settings.

Last week, I spent some time making books. Not writing books, making them. They are meant to be like a smash book. You can put your scraps and memorabilia in them. You can staple, tape or glue the items in. I made them with the abundant amount of pattern paper I had. The pattern papers are super colorful; that is what makes them awesome background sheets for a smash book. I decided to give them to a friend for her birthday. Hopefully, she will put them to good use.

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