Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Tool: Clip It Up Base Unit

On Tuesday, a package arrived for me. I have been blessed to have such awesome people in my life. The last few weeks I have been receiving lots of mail and I love it. I think there is correlation between a person's happiness and receiving mail/packages. All my packages have been keeping me happy until I find my life's calling.

My awesome boyfriend ordered me a Clip It Up Base Unit by Simply Renee for Simple Solutions. I have been dying to own one because it I think it is a practical way of displaying the materials and products I have. I already have two cork boards full of stickers and embellishments hanging off of pins. There are also loose stickers and embellishment that I cannot hang; that is what the rack is perfect for.  It is definitely going to allow me to see more of the materials I have so I can use them. 

Clip It Up Product Review:
The rack is fairly large in diameter and takes up a lot of space. If you have a small desk it will be as large as your carousel holder. If you put too many clips in a section, they start overlapping. There is a limit to the number hanger clips that will fit comfortably. Personally, I do not like the clip hangers being stuck behind one another. So ordering more clips does not really mean you can cram more than the amount that comes with the rack. This is perfect for the items that do not have a hanger hole because the clip on the hooks latches onto plastic and paper. You also need to distribute the weight evenly to prevent the rack from tipping. The rack can become extremely heavy with the more stuff you hang; this causes the rotating rack to not spin as well. Those are just my basic observations. 

Regardless of these issues, I love it! It is allowing me to use more of the older items that I have tucked away in a box. One of my goals was to reduce the amount of scrapbooking supplies I have. Hopefully, this will help me clear out old clutter to bring in new clutter after Lent is over.

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