Saturday, February 4, 2012

Re-freshed Twenty-Four

I have decided I need more specific goals. The ones I listed last year were too general. Most of the goals I set were seriously unrealistic. So they will sound relatively the same, but this time I am having a number pinned to it and something achievable; but, it will still be a challenge.
  1. Submit 3 design challenges for Scrapbook Etc
  2. Submit 3 design challenges for Creating Keepsakes
  3. Get up to my 300th blog entry
  4. Find a full time J-O-B
  5. Repaint my room
  6. Go to another place I haven't been yet (Greece, Spain or Japan)
  7. Do 20 hours of volunteer service
  8. Try 3 new activities (skiing, something and something else)
  9. Finish current blue journal
  10. Create scrapbook pages for all printed pictures from undergrad (this is going to be a long project)
  11. Stop buying new scrap-booking materials....?
  12. Use up as much as scrap-booking materials as possible (reduce to three cubicles on book shelf) 
  13. Clean my room again (I think a yearly goal to cleanse my room is a fantastic idea)
  14. Test 2 new cupcake recipes
  15. Complete Rosetta Stone German Levels 1 & 2 
  16. Read 3 books
  17. Read the news once a week
  18. Save for 1 set Project Life sleeves
  19. Save for monthly subscription of Studio Calico
  20. Save for Clip-it-up rack with extended top tier
  21. Take a class in Photoshop
  22. Lose 10 pounds
  23. Watch a Broadway
  24. Apply for one design team
As you read this, you may think I under-reached. But truthfully, I really want some realistic goals that I would be really proud of myself for in a year. If I can cross all of them off my list, I would think it would be a fantastic accomplishment. Wish me luck on my 25th year of life! Oh yeah and...

Happy Birthday to Me!

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