Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping for Joy

Today is Leap Day! Every four years we have a Leap Day. Let's see what else happens every 4 years: World Cup, Olympics, Total solar Eclipes and probably a ton of other things.

But today, I awaited anxiously because my Project Life sleeves were suppose to arrive yesterday. Whenever I hear a large vehicle humming, I would hope it is the mailman. And at 12:30ish, he arrived with my package! This was ordered before Lent started so it does not count against me. About two weeks ago, I committed to buying Project Life sleeves. Along with the big variety pack, I also purchased Design G. I love making full 12x12 pages, but there are so many little things I still want to document about life. This would make it a lot easier to if I made smaller snippets of pages with the pockets. Hopefully, I can keep up with everything. I really look forward to try this new system out.

Edit at 3:25pm: I am fairly disappointed now because I opened my variety pack and there were only 50 pages when there was suppose to be 60. Of course, Amazon won't do exchanges because the order is only fulfilled by them. Now I just have to wait for Becky Higgins Customer Service to get back to me about what I should do.

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