Friday, February 3, 2012

Reflection of Twenty-Three

The last twelve months flew by. I do not know where the year went. Everything seems a bit blurry. This blog entry is about reviewing the list I created last year on things I wanted get done. A few months ago, I had went back to see my own progress. There were a few things that I had definitely completed, others were a work in progress and some haven't even been touched.
  1. Graduate Rutgers with an MBA with a marketing and supply chain management as concentrations
  2. Move out and learn to live on my own (can't do this yet, when I don't have a job)
  3. Find a paid marketing internship   
  4. Have a job in marketing (working on this)
  5. Go to a place I have not been yet ( Italy or Japan)  (Went to Italy and Hawai'i)
  6. Finish reading "Tipping Point"    ( I had also read Commitment, Blink, and Socialnomics)
  7. Fill two more journals.(currently on the one from Kate Paperie)  (completed the Kate Paperie Journal, onto my blue journal)
  8. Have published 300 blog entries (Close to 200 but not there yet, but I think I can official reach 300 next year)
  9. Gone Skiing (not become good at it but to physically "go")  ( yeah I am still working on this)
  10. Learned how to curl my hair ( I bought heated rollers)
  11. Clean/Empty my room at home
  12. Lose 15 pounds :) ( slowly happening)
  13. Learn another language (possibly...) (on Level 1 Unit 4 of the German Rosetta Stone)
  14. Own an Epson Picture and afford to pay for the operations and maintenance ( Not happening anytime soon)
  15. Enjoy my last two semesters of being a student
  16. Save $$ 
  17. Stop spending so much
  18. Spend more time with my parents and maybe learn to be more calm speaking to them 
  19. Learn more about my brother
  20. Have a more regular sleeping cycle  (the last three is probably going to move other to next year)
  21. Do more volunteer work ( definitely didn't get to this)
  22. Be more organized
  23. Be more daring with my baking
  24. Learn to cook edible food  ( Martin eats what I make )
My new list will be tomorrow for the next twelve months of my youthful life. I think lots are in store for me in the next year.

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