Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flashback of Graduation 2010

Recently, I found a layout I had completed a while back. It was from graduation two years ago. The Dean had requested a few of us to represent the School of Engineering at the huge graduation ceremony in New Brunswick for all of Rutgers University. This layout takes me down memory lane; when I dig up engineering school photos, it always reminds me of the fun memories. That day was enjoyable because immediately after our school was recognized, we sneaked out to the Starbucks to celebrate. We did not really want to sit through all the names being called. Ours were not going to be called because we are representing a larger group.

For some reason, I like to stick with the red and black theme. Subconsciously, it probably has something to do with them being the school colors. In a few short months, I will be going through graduation again. Oh boy...

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