Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Old Toy: Typewriter

I have been trying to find a method to make journaling easier. Companies tend to look for layouts with journaling. Some deem it to be an important part in a layout. It is probably crucial to have in order to be published. At times, I do agree. However, I dislike the amount of effort it takes to type something up on the computer and then have it printed properly on the journaling cards. It is more trouble than I think it is really worth. Plus, printing ink isn't cheap. I do not even have a job yet; I cannot start randomly spending my money now.

So I have found another solution. My Mom helped me dig out an old typewriter. It is heavy and huge; it also requires power. But it does the trick. This is going to let me do a lot more journaling on my layouts. The journaling on this page was done with the typewriter. It works!

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