Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Morning San Francisco

Our first full day in California was extremely eventful with some fantastic weather. We were told multiple times throughout the day about how awesome the weather was and will be the rest of the time that we are here. Jet lag has not been affecting me as much as it has been affecting Martin. Regardless of the time change, we took advantage of most of the day outside, first heading toward SF Chinatown going through Union Square. Epicure magazine recommended a few good cheap eats in the area and we picked Capital Restaurant. We spent an hour or two exploring the oldest Chinatown in the nation.

Around two in the afternoon, we waited around Union Square to use our first Groupon for a City by the Bay Tour. Our tour guide was active and trying to keep things upbeat. It was a 3.5 hour tour around the important areas of San Francisco.

7 Sisters - Painted Ladies - Postcard Row - Full House Opening Scene
At Twin Peaks with a Golden Gate Park in the background
At Fort Point with Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Palace of Fine Arts
After our afternoon bus tour, we meet up with my Uncle John, Aunt Terry and their family for dinner. We had Korean BBQ in the Inner Richmond Area. Later, we went to Japantown for dessert. This not only allowed me to see my family, but to go to other parts of San Francisco.

Dinner with my family in the area
Martin and I with my Cousins in a Japantown Mall
It's going to be another fun day. To be continued...

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