Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve Resolutions

I had to look up the difference between resolution and goal, because in my head they have the same mean. The only difference is you say resolution when you are referring to the beginning of the year when everyone has a "resolution" instead of a goal. With my trusty "Google", I have found a definition that makes some sense.

A resolution is a promise that you make. Most of the time, it’s short term, and it’s of something you should be doing anyway. Whereas a goal is a promise to yourself that helps you achieve your dream. It tends to be more long term.

I am not sure if those definitions have made it clearer for you, but I can see what my resolutions are verses my goals. For fun I will try to think of 12 resolutions for this year. That pretty much includes things I should already be doing. 

1) Exercising more 
2) Save $$$
3) Blog more
4) Apply to more job openings
5) Be more organized
6) Worry less
7) Enjoy Life
8) Try new things
9) Lose weight
10) Proofread more carefully of my writing
11) Write more often (blog & journal)
12) Stress less

It started becoming more difficult as I reach number 12. I think I made up the last few, but I at least have 12. And I think so of it is repeating like Enjoy Life includes Stop Worrying and Stop Stressing. It is not possible to stop doing either; however, it is worth mentioning. Many of these also sound similar to my goals for my 24th year of life. I think I will be more specific and goal focus when I create my new list for my 25th year of life.

For New Year's Eve, my family went to go see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall:


Happy New Year!

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