Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uhhh.. Really?

I am not a lucky person, whenever those raffles happen I never win. But the inner me always hopes that a miracle will happen. Bella Blvd Studio was doing a blog hop giveaway for their owner/founder's, Stephanie's, Birthday. I checked out a few blogs and left a few well wishes comments thinking I wouldn't win.

I had fell behind on my reader during the holidays. So I haven't read the Bella Blvd Studio in awhile. I checked the winners list on Jan 1, when the blog entry was for Dec 23. I saw that a "Mandy" had won. I couldn't remember what I wrote so I decided to go check if it was my comment, which leads me to the conclusion of this story.. I won a Bella Blvd Studio prize!

Because I have been on vacation, I did not find out what I got until I returned home.

Ugh, now I can't say I never win anything. :)

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