Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Way to Soothe My Heart

For the passed few mornings I wake up to do applications; but, today it took me an extra ounce or two of motivation to start. Instead, I took a short break to check up on prices for 12x12 frames. I went to the few craft stores in the area; I even checked Target. The trips were refreshing because it was just me walking around not rushed and enjoying window shopping. I headed to Michaels with no intention of buying anything. Until I saw "All Slice Design Cards: $4.99". Unless you hunt down affordable slice design cards like me, you wouldn't understand the excitement I felt. The goal of not spending any money went out the door.  These design cards retail for $50 dollars a piece; on ebay, it is about $15. Instantly, I looked around to check if I was mistaken. Too bad I got there late. There were many hangers empty; but, I managed to pick nine that I really liked and one for a friend. After a quick scroll through the rest of the store and checking on frame prices, I went to the register to pay. This next part threw me in for a loop. The design cards rang up for $2. Yes. TWO dollars. Oh the joy! I immediately went back to the shelf to pick up all the other ones I declined and a few more for my friend. In my basket was also a pack of slice embossing tips. For 17 design cards and a pack of embossing tips I spent approximately $40. Yes, this doesn't happen often. It is now officially time for me to get down to business. Have a great day!

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