Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(F)unemployment days

(F)unemployment: this term was used by a friend to describe the status of being jobless. It is my first week of no work and no school. One may see it as a break, but I am surely not feeling that way about it. Today is only the second day of week one and I think I am making great progress. I do a few applications in the morning and then scrapbook a little bit at night depending on the time. "Think positively" is the mentality I am going to go for as I ride out this stage of my life.

To keep things cheerful, I am going to share a layout I had made my cousin. Of the many no responses I received, my cousin was super enthusiastic about sending me photos to scrapbook with. This made me really excited because the subjects of the photos were not me; it was Baby Jake. There will probably be a whole series of these. I hope you enjoy them.

This layout gives me a 'full' feeling because it is covered from head to toe. I love how I was able to fill the entire page. Of course, Baby Jake brighten up the page with his cute little face. Journaling is a technique most scrapper do because it helps them record thoughts and memories. Since I didn't take these photos, it was more difficult for me to speak on my feelings. I was able to fill in the journal space with definitions to describe Jake. The little blue envelope in the top left corner opens up. I filled it with confetti so it is slightly interactive.

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