Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Sunny to Rainy

Martin and I ended our trip with a splash and I mean it quite literally. Our last Groupon activity was a parasailing adventure along the shore. Two issues: I am afraid of heights and I get seasick. The captain asked me what I was doing on the boat. Frankly, I really wanted to try something new. It was super fun. The ascending wasn't even scary and I had my eyes open the entire time. Unfortunately, again, I was unable to get photos. Regardless, it is all in my memory.

Afterwards, we packed, walked around town and rested before our nine hour flight home, back to good old New Jersey. The sun was bright and warm in the state of Hawai'i. When we landed in Jersey, it was gloomy and gray. I am sure that I cannot live in Hawai'i because I probably get island fever quickly. But it is just too cold in New Jersey.

As my vacation comes to a close, I am dreading the thought of real life. This consist of job applications, interviews, and searching for my life's purpose. I hope things fall into place soon because I have a whole life to live, but I don't have any money to live it.

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