Monday, January 23, 2012

Incomplete Album

Before I went on vacation, I wanted to make a few more layouts. I had already print a number of photos from my Italy trip. As I was flipping through my album for last winter's Germany and London trip, I noticed I didn't complete it. I had only finished the portion of my trip in Germany and two layouts into the London portion. In three days, I created 11 pages about London; I was very impressed with myself.

I had spotted a spool of twine on the sale table at one of my favorite stores - Anthropologie. They were having a 75% off wrap and trim items that were left over from the holiday season. I have seen some people use twine on their projects. So I gave the medium a try on a few pages. Below are the three different ways I used it.

1. Wrapping the twine around card stock 

2. Framing and dividing pictures

 3. Stringing the flags

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