Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Mr. President

Today is a special day for one of my favorite people in the world. Happy Birthday Mr. President! (Also known as Ariel by others.) I made this layout on Valentine's Day, same day I made the layout in For My Reader entry. Both pictures, of both layouts, were taken on the same evening in Sacramento. It was definitely a good memory and another great picture. I can finally say that I am living out the experiences of being a college student, my meager handful has grown to a plentiful many in the last two years. But the one experience I will be forever grateful for was the opportunity to go to California with four strangers. They have grown to be my closest friends.

In this layout, I took a lot of time to cut out those patterns on the right side of the page. It is not visible in this picture, but I used foam tape to raise it off the page. The title blended into the background, so I used the gold leaves that I had received for my birthday to bring out the lettering.

A message to the Birthday Boy:
Although you are very far away, (okay, maybe not too far) in New York studying to be a genius, thank you for being a supportive friend and for sharing the good memories with me. Hope you have an awesome day, even though you most likely have another busy day at school. Love you and miss you dearly. Have fun tonight!

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