Thursday, February 25, 2010

For My Reader

So for those of you that aren't in my area, we are having a very snowy winter. I think snow is only good when classes are cancelled; other than that, it really sucks. Instead of using the time of my cancelled night class for studying, I decided I needed a break and scrap-booked instead. I made a few layouts and I am still going at this hour, while my sweet roommate is studying until 2 am for her 8:40 am exam tomorrow. I don't even think anyone really reads my blog, the only person I know that checks whenever I update is my awesome friend Sindhu. So I decided to dedicate this post to her.

I made this page two weeks ago when Sindhu and I decided to have a scrap-booking date. For those of you that do not know Sindhu, her favorite color is purple. Can't you tell? Her shirt in the picture is purple too. I thought this was a cute picture of us when we went to Sacramento for the Tau Beta Pi Convention.  We did a little shopping before our scrap-booking date, and we got this fuzzy pattern paper at this cute scrap-booking store called Scrappers Cove. We also went to Michaels to take advantage of the dollar deals; that is where I got the big blue flower. The ribbon is a little blurry because it was a little too far for the scanner to pick up clearly, but it saids "Cute as a Button". Usually that saying is meant for babies, but I think Sindhu and I are definitely "Cute as a Button" in our own way.

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  1. Aww....thanks for the dedication!
    Those really were fun times....both the convention and the scrapbooking! Purple is a such a great color! How could anyone not love it?