Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweet Mates

So my laptop, Charlie, died on me last Friday. He was smart enough to tell me that he was going to die, so I was prepared. However, now I do not have a computer; currently, I am used my little brother's mini notebook. My new internal hard disk is on its way, and I cannot wait because there are only so many things this little baby can do. I hadn't finish scanning my new layouts in, so I decided to post an old one.

I am finally spending more time with my roommate, so I decided to send this one out to her. The picture is from my roommates birthday this past year. Roxi's birthday is on Halloween, just like my Mom's, which makes it crazy easy to remember. She is the one all the way on the right. If you don't know what I look like, I am the one in the middle and the one on the left is our awesome RA this year, Kristen.

I have official fallen in love with flowers, ribbon and buttons. They are my absolute favorite embellishments for my pages. I would love to cover an entire page with buttons; I just cannot seem to let myself use all my buttons on a page. I used left over scraps to create the different divisions on my layout. I love how my bright yellow flowers stand out with the cute buttons on them. 

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