Monday, August 29, 2011

Flooded in multiple senses

Venice is flooded by tourist (*pun intended). That is a mere understatement. Since we have arrived, there are tourists everywhere. There is no chance of getting too lost because if you follow another fellow tourist, you are bound to reach some form of recognizable street or waterway. Today’s itinerary included a massive tourist attraction. The St. Mark’s Basilica and almost everything else in the plaza. I even witnessed a wedding proposal, it was super sweet.

With the Venice connected museum pass, we were able to go to Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico and Doge’s Palace. In the Area was the Torre dell’Orologio and Bridge of Sighs. Martin insisted on going up the Campanile di San Marco; it was 8 euros. But the views were pretty and I found a medallion machine. I haven’t seen one since I have been in Italy. Clearly, it was a rip off, but as I like to put it, I am sucker for souvenirs.  

As soon as we were done with our tourist aspect of the day, we took the rest of the day lightly. It consisted of a nice stroll to the Rialto Market, then lunch and a nap. Later in the evening when the sun went down, we walked through San Polo briefly and had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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