Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Islands of Venice

The Islands of Venice are a hot spot, literally and figuratively. Murano is famous for its glass and Burano is famous for its lace. Martin and I spent the day going to these places. on our third day in Venice. We spent so much money buying souvenirs for our friends and family, or at least I did. 

In the little shops selling Murano glass, there were people making items in the corner of the store. I was able to see up close the technique and hoe delicate the work is. There were pretty glass sculptures located all over the island. We encountered quite a few on our walk.

In Burano, I loved of the bright colored homes. The purpose of it was for the fisherman to be able to identify his home returning from the sea in under foggy conditions. We also saw many stores selling lace items, which was why Burano is famous. All the different types of lace and technique were displayed at the Lace Museum in Burano.

Pictures taken on the last day in Venice: We walked around and went to two more museums that our museum  allowed us into.

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