Monday, August 15, 2011

Count Down

As I am counting down to the days to my vacation, I am also counting the remaining days at my summer internship. It has been an educating experience, I would love to continue throughout the semester. I have made some great friends and great connections. We had a Marketing Picnic last Friday. It was pleasant to see everyone outside the office setting. With all the "Island" theme food and games, everyone seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Of course the Pink Team, the team I was on, won the mini tournament for the day. And with who knows what luck, I won the door prize. It would have been more pleasant to win a television, but since the company no longer makes them; I will settle for an electric toothbrush. ( I can't be too greedy.)

This checks off another item off my list. Marketing Internship: Check!

Organizers of the event

our version of island ring toss

Punch with an extra "punch"- it's 5 o'clock somewhere



Marketing Girls

Reema Rocks!

Downstream Professional Marketing Team

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