Sunday, August 28, 2011

City in Water

I am finally in comfortable weather temperatures in Martin's hometown. We landed at 12:30 am last night; not exactly the ideal time for having for Martin's parents to come pick us up. But they were wonderful to stay up later for us. Internet was so expensive in Venice that Martin and I decided to go without for the four days. Of course when we both checked our emails they were full.

On to Venice details:

As I write this blog entry, I am aware that it will not be read until a few days later because the hotel we are staying at is charging a trillion dollars for 30 minutes of wireless time. However, I will still write when it is fresh in my memory.

I had forgotten to include a video from yesterday’s visit to the Vatican. On our way out of St. Peter’s we witnessed a routine event. The switching of the Swiss guards when his shift ends.

I would also like to note the temperature that we have been experiencing here in Italy. Four words: HOT, HOT, VERY HOT. This can been seen from the picture below.

Today, Martin and I got up early, packed, had breakfast and headed off to the Roma Termini Station, a picture was shown in an earlier entry "Vacation has-arrived". We were off to Venice; the three hour train ride was manageable and very pleasant. As we passed, the country side views of the hills and homes were beautiful.

When we arrived in Venice, the view was extraordinary. The moment I saw the city in the water, I had a feeling I would enjoy this city very much. Martin and I were able to find out hotel easily and settled in. Today’s itinerary plan was to wander the Cannaregio District, which we did in no organized manner. In the crooked streets of Venice; you are bound to get lost.

Streets filled with tourists

Really pretty masks


PASTA! I <3 my carbs.

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