Monday, August 22, 2011

Doing what Romans do

This morning I had Martin go with me to another Market. This one was closer to our B&B but the items were pretty much the same. I could find the same products on the streets of China town in  New York City.

Via Sannio Market

We went to a nearby supermarket to pick up some lunch. I found it extremely fun to play with the weighting machine. Each product has a number assigned to it. You place the produce onto the scale, select the proper number and then a little sticker will be printed out with the price on it.

After lunch, Martin and I headed into the center of Rome to see the major tourist attractions: Piazza di Spagna- The Spanish Steps, Fontana di Travi and the Pantheon. As soon as we got out of the Metro, a guy came up with me with flowers and said they were free... of course they weren't. He tried to get Martin to give him some money.

At the Spanish Steps
On our way to the Foundation, we stopped for some Gelatto. 
Mango and Mixed Berries. YUMMY!
At the Fontana di Travi
Can you believe this crowd?
Inside the Pantheon, looking out
At the Pantheon
Our dinner in Rome

Day two of Rome complete and we are having a blast!

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