Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation has arrived

So I arrived, course late, in Frankfurt yesterday. We were taxiing for three hours at JFK, so the flight ended up being about an hour late. But that didn’t stop the inevitable of seeing Martin again.

This paragraph is not or I was not intending to be a review about Singapore. However, I have heard amazing reviews for the airline and was excited to experience it myself. On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a usual seven. It was honestly mediocre. It did everything an airline should do for the flight. An unfortunate circumstance along with the long delay to take off also included an air conditioner that would not work. I guess the hot hand towels and the toothbrush and socks were a friendly extra, but the stewardesses were fairly cold. There will be instances where I would not even have the opportunity to thank her for her help. I barely had any sleep even though I tried extremely hard. Meals were fairly difficult because dinner was not served until 2am EST and then another lite refreshment at 4am.

By the time I was able to see Martin, it was already 2 pm in Germany. I was wake because in the States it is about 7am, which is the typical time for me to be up for work. We had some coffee and pastries with Martin’s Family. His Grandmother was also visiting the family this week, so I was able to meet another member of his family. Later we had a small dinner and had to go to bed early because our flight was at 6:30am. Sandra, Martin’s sister, was nice enough to wake up early and take us to the airport at 3:30am.

Everything went smoothly until we were boarding our RyanAir Flight. This was when Martin told me that we do not have assigned seats. Rushing to get on the cue for “unorganized boarding” I had left my jacket behind (*Whoops). The flight was short and we slept most of the way. Most importantly, we arrived safely in Rome and we checked into the Bed & Breakfast. 

After a little rest, we tackled a few places I planned to visit for the day. We went to the famous Porta Portese Market. On a crazy hot summer day, I dragged Martin to the edge of Rome to see a flea market type of setting. Going there was an unpleasant experience; we crammed into a bus. It was clearly overcrowded. People were smelly and pushy, which caused me to lose the second item of the day, my sunglasses. As the doors were closing and people were pushing, it fell off my head and out the door (*Whoops part 2). So if I asked, what would your prediction be on my purchase at the market... yes, new sunglasses.

The Metro situation was a disaster when we arrived. Line A has been closed off and is not running. For your information, there are two major metro lines : Line A and Line B. So we opted to use the bus. However, the buses today have been less than ideal. Martin concluded it may be because it is Sunday. We will find tomorrow the situation.

We visited the Bocca della Verita and the Colosseum. We could go to put our hand in the mouth of the Bocca della Verita because we were not appropriately dressed. However, I did get a picture of it. It took a long time to get to the Colosseum on foot. By that time, we were exhausted for the day. We headed back to our B&B to relax and waited for dinner time at the Restaurant next to our B&B. Another day tomorrow.

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  1. Are you keeping track of how many whoops happen before the trip ends??