Monday, June 23, 2014

Malaysia on My Own

Well... sort of, Martin had to work so I decided to make a quick stop to Malaysia on my own. I have family friends in Kuala Lumpur that I have not seen in ten years. They were awesome for taking time off work and picking me up at the airport and showing me a bit of Malaysia. First stop was Melaka which was about an hour outside of the city.

Later that evening, we checked out the night scenery by city hall and the court house. The next day they took me sight seeing in Kuala Lumpur. During my time there, I had eaten quite a variety of Southeast Asian cuisine. Lots of good views and good food in a short time frame. 

This concludes my thirty six hour whirl wind tour of  Kuala Lumpur. I cannot wait to visit Malaysia and my friends again; hopefully next time Martin will join me and we can check out other cool parts of Malaysia. 

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