Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cebu City Tour and Cheap Massages

Martin and I have awful timing. More research should have been done before we made these bookings, but a lot of things did not cross my mind. We had went to Thailand during that unpleasant water experience. We then went to the Philippines, a Catholic country, during Good Friday. When we went on our city tour, pretty much everything was closed. I do not think we got our money's worth; I know better next time. 

Fort San Pedro

Magellan's Shrine

View from the top of the Taoist Temple

On our flying day, we had a good morning to ourselves after we checked out. Across the street was a massage location that had good reviews. It was also much cheaper than the resort's spa pricing - $33 USD for 2.5 hours of a massage. You cannot get those deals anywhere else.

Leaving was a pain. Again, we didn't do our research and we needed to pay in order to leave the country. I guess us visiting wasn't enough to stimulate the economy. Regardless, I was glad to leave. I was tired to trying to explain to people that didn't understand English why I didn't want to put my camera and film into their x-ray machine.

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