Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quality Singapore Days

Even though I had landed in Singapore the week before, I did not see much more than the Bay area that Martin took me to the Saturday I landed. I probably spent just as much time in Singapore as I did in any other country I had visited on this vacation.

I had met a person in Thailand and she offered to show my around while Martin had to work the weekdays. We had lunch with a few of her friends and saw Chinatown. After we parted, I did some shopping on my own.

On the tail end of the week, Martin treated me to a two night stay at the famous Marina Bay Sands. Probably cost him an arm and a leg, but it was so worth it. The view and the pool on the top floor made it worthwhile. We went to watch a musical at the amusement park on the island of Sentosa. Later in the evening, Martin's colleague picked us up and took us out for the popular chili crab that I had the tiniest bit of - I at least tried it!

That concludes my vacation in Southeast Asia. I cannot believe what took forever to plan flew by so quickly. I am looking forward to the next adventure coming in a few months.

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