Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hongs and Elephants

I wrote this entry when I was on vacation, but I haven't had the chance to publish it yet. Priorities had to be renumbered and this fell to the bottom of the list. I hope you don't mind; pretend you are going back in time to a magical place....... April 19th. 

My vacation is flying by. We are already on our third day in the Philippines. I haven't finished sharing our trip in Thailand. On our third day in Thailand, we did Hongs by starlight kayaking tour. We got on a boat that took us to the Ao Phang nga National Park. It is a group of islands north of Phuket.

We would get into kayaks and a local person will maneuver us into a cave that leads us into the middle of a massive island, inside is hallow; it is almost like a doughnut - a really tall doughnut. I would say it was one of the best things of our trip. Fun, relaxing and great scenery. It was also exhausting. It took up the entire day. 

On our last day, I wanted to go ride an elephant. Which I did! At first it felt extremely in unstable being strapped so high on a chair on it's back. But later I was allowed to sit on its neck. Did you know they are hairy?! It is extremely course and prickly - so my legs didn't appreciate it. I was also hanging on for dear life because the mountain we trekked was steep. Regardless of the hair and steep route, it was a memorable experience.

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