Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cebu Scuba Diving

For the second half our vacation, we had a gorgeous view  from our hotel room. The resort is on the east side of the island, so we can watch the sunrise everyday. But truthfully, we missed most of them because sleeping in was clearly more important.

We didn't do very much our first day. We were still exhausted from Thailand the day before. Resting and relaxing was just the perfect itinerary. The next day we went scuba diving. I will be honest; I had the hardest time adjusting. I kept panicking and couldn't relax enough to breath from my mouth. Martin was awesome, like always, and was able to go down for two dives. We went to Talima and Hadsan. I only did some snorkeling at Hadsan once Martin returned. Then for our second diving spot in Hadsan I gathered my courage and took my time. I made it this time and was able to go with Martin and our dive master for some quality time underwater.

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