Friday, July 8, 2011

Spending frivolously?

Can't you tell how excited I am to go on vacation? I have already purchased tools to be used for the Italy scrapbook. However, I have also been spending frivolously lately. There isn't too much do to after work other than go home. This is not a complaint; just a mere statement of fact. Usually before I pick my mom up from work, I tend to stop at a store to walk around in air conditioning for a few minutes. One of my recent stops led me to these goodies from T.J. Maxx. It does not have a large selection of scrapbook materials, but these were such a bargain at its regular price that I had to get them. It took me a while to commit to the airplane punch, but I will be flying four times in a course of 11 days; if plan it properly it will be well utilized. The arrows were an obvious choice, but it was luck to have seen any medium sized punches there.  As for the number stamps, the "st" , "nd" , "rd" and "th" was what totally sold me.

I checked off another goal a week ago. I finally finished reading Tipping Point by Malcolm Galdwell. Not only did I read that book, I also read Commited by Elizabeth Gilbert, which was also a very good book. A new book is definitely on the list of things to buy soon or else I will not have a book to read on the airplane.  I am itching to be able to start counting down the days until I leave. That day is still unfortunately way too far. Patience is a virtue. 

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  1. Hope you have some great pics to put up soon from the trip once you come back :)

    How was the Tipping Point?