Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Surprises

So today is my Daddy's birthday. Every year we do not do anything special because my father hates celebrating his birthday. Usually, he is really cranky about a week beforehand. But it is much expected for his age, we can't really say that he is turning 25 for the 29th time. However, I think this year I have out done myself in the present category. Sometimes, I pay for dinner or I would buy him a crystal from Swarovski. This year I purchased him and my Mommy Lion King tickets. Neither one of them have been to a Broadway Show before so I am super excited to see their reaction. Though, from my father I should not hope for too much; it is very unlike him to display any emotion whatsoever.

Anyways, today's post is of a Birthday Card I made for Martin almost a whole month ago. Did you know it takes TEN days for a package to arrive in Germany from the States? I sent Martin a small package for his birthday exactly ten days before he was to receive it at home. When I made this card, I was also under a tight deadline. I had forgotten to take a picture of it prior to sealing and sending. Thank goodness Martin hadn't thrown it out yet (though I didn't think he would) and he took the pictures today and sent them to me. **Brownie points to Martin for remembering to take and send me these pictures because I had already forgotten.

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