Monday, January 28, 2013

One Little Word

Every year I try a new approach hoping that one of them will stick. This year was going the popular 'One Little Word' created by Ali Edwards. I am not taking the course on it, but I am choosing a word anyway- my word is going to be 'Challenge' for 2013.

It took me awhile to pick it. And it maybe not be the right word either. Regardless, I am sticking with it. A few things I will do as I 'challenge' the next 12 months.

Challenge myself to try new things
Challenge myself to live a healthier life
Challenge myself at work to learn more
Challenge myself to build better relationships
Challenge myself to live a little more

I want to share a few things I made for the past holiday season. My mom wanted the family to be exposed to my creative side. She wanted them to see the scrapbook work I do. The plan was for me to make a few pages for a specific individuals. Here are some for my cousin's child. They are so adorable.

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